~ Review by Becky “The Trivia Queen” Thorvund

The Greatest Living Englishman blew into San Francisco last night for the first of two gigs at the Fillmore, their second Bay Area visit this year. The joint was sold out and the audience was more than ready for two hours of Idolizing. And Sir William did not disappoint.

Bounding onstage and roaring into the set with “Ready Steady Go”, the band were exhilarated and rocking hard and the crowd could barely be contained. Straight into “Dancing With Myself”, there was no turning back now.

Much has been written about Billy Idol (much of it by Queenie herself) but honestly, this man must be seen to be believed. Incredibly, he is 55 years old and still absolutely loving what he does and looking and doing it better than artists half his age. The energy and enthusiasm are unbelievable and while you’re in his presence, you are singing along, wearing a perma-grin, fist-pumping, and relishing these classic tunes that sound as vibrant and alive as they did 25 years ago.

(Part 2)