International Women’s Day Supernova – Tess Posner (Ep95)

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tess Posner on International Women’s Day. This was especially cool, because she released a single to commemorate the day. That song is Supernova, which you will hear at the end of our conversation. Tess has been singing since she was a teenager, [...]

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Kickstarter, PR, and Making Good Music – Jenna and Daniel Watters (Ep93)

Jenna and Daniel Watters successfully met a $10k Kickstarter fundraising goal to support the release of their latest album. Most of that money was for a PR hire. In this episode, Jenna and Daniel share how and why their PR hire didn't go well. We also discuss other efforts [...]

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Whimsy On Stage and In the Studio – Louisa Hall (Ep91)

One of my favorite things about Louisa Hall's latest release Barista Boyfriend is its whimsy. She amplifies that whimsy in the videos created for album, but it doesn't stop there. Louisa also takes her whimsy to the stage for live performances. In this conversation we explore her mindset for [...]

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Quintessential DIY Musician Justin Trawick

Justin Trawick is the quintessential DIY musician, but he’s just about maxed out his abilities as a one-man army. Among his many projects are his band The Common Good, a podcast, and touring with a songwriter series. These and his other projects obviously require marketing, selling, planning, logistics, coordination, [...]

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Cutting Out the Music Business Middleman–Bradford & Kimberly Loomis

Bradford and Kimberly Loomis are of the dynamic duo, married couple variety. Kimberly is highly involved in Bradford's career. Among her contributions are tech support, photography, co-writing, and community management. Our conversation opens with how Bradford was thrust back into music following economic change and a job loss. It [...]

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Producer, Musician, and Songwriter – Jamie Hill

Jamie Hill is a producer, musician, and songwriter with a soft spot for vulnerable voices. To clarify, Jamie says he's specifically interested in female voices, gay voices, trans voices, and brown voices. He also prefers socially conscious artists and art over entertainment.He's co host of the podcast Misfit Stars, along side [...]

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