Listening for That Phrase—Johnny Burgin Part 2 (Ep 138)

Maybe you know him from his years as Rockin’ Johnny Burgin. Maybe you know him by his new handle, The Worldwide West Side Guitar Man. Performing up to 250 shows a year in Europe, Japan and coast to coast in the US, it’s possible you’ve heard him and don’t [...]

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Aki Kumar Signs With Sony Music India (Ep 118)

Photo by George Zaferes Only a few episodes ago I was joined by Bollywood Blues artist, Aki Kumar. Aki had some exciting news at the time that was under wraps, so I wanted to have him back to announce his signing with Sony Music India and the [...]

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Bollywood Blues Man Aki Kumar on Gratitude, Humility, and Band Dynamics (Ep 113)

Bollywood blues artist Aki Kumar sees gratitude and humility as key to managing his music career and life.  He returns to the podcast to discuss in greater depth creative challenges, band dynamics, and channeling your passion for music.Episode HighlightsWe start by discussing his cameo in the Salonch promo video and [...]

Blues Funk Guitarist Emmanuel Tomes

Austin based musician Emmanuel Tomes is a singer songwriter of the blues and funk variety. His early inspirations came from Elliott Smith and Ben Harper. It was in fact Ben Harper who inspired him to start writing and recording original material. That inspiration took Emmanuel down the path of [...]

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Blues, Folk and Change–Tony Harrah

Tony Harrah and I began our conversation for this episode "off-air." I asked about his website, which is powered by Bandzoogle. This question was for my own market research purposes. There are a couple of areas on his website site, which looks great by the way, that are "under [...]

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Something I Learned from Blues Players

I've interviewed a few blues players on the podcast who have mentioned an interesting and recurring theme. Aki Kumar, Rockin' Johnny Burgin, and Mark Wenner have all said something that turned a light bulb on in my head. A simple truth about the blues community What these three have [...]

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