Lisa Leuschner Andersen Has Been Gigging Since Age 7 and Has Opinions About Being a Full Time Career Musician

On May 9th of 2017 I walked into Greaseland Studios to interview producer Kid Andersen. I was immediately blown away the abundance of musical gear everywhere. The next thing thing that came into my focus was the kitchen. Greaseland is the home and workplace of Kid and Lisa Leuschner Anderson. [...]

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George Brandau on Connecting People, Organizing and Promoting Benefit Shows, and Chrome Deluxe

Also available on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play Music George Brandau is a super connector musician who regularly organizes benefit shows for his local community. He’s also a longtime friend and fellow drummer, who's been mentioned on The Unstarving Musician’s Podcast a few times. In this episode George and I discuss his superpower for connecting [...]

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The Prolific Hustle of a Pro Drummer – Mike Dawson (Ep 001)

Mike Dawson is a pro drummer, studio engineer and co-host of The Modern Drummer Podcast.  He also finds time to serve as the Managing Editor of Modern Drummer Magazine. I met Mike through acclaimed music educator Mike Johnston, entrepreneur and founder of In this conversation we discuss Mike’s [...]

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