Finding Your Brand Identity—Kendall Rucks (Ep 144)

Kendall Rucks is highly influenced by the fashion and vibe of the 60s and 70s, has roots in 80s and 90s rock, and she loves LA. Inspired by Fiona Apple’s Tidal album, Kendall’s big goal is to create an album that tells a story, while balancing the current single [...]

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Managing Stage Fright with Perspective, a Conversation with Chris Avetta (Ep 111)

Chris Avetta on stage fright, perspective, the business of music, and more. | Forest for the Trees Singer songwriter Chris Avetta joins me today in a conversation about stage fright, perspective, the business of music, and more. These days, Chris has a lot going on and when [...]

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Musicians Supporting One Another with Community and Collaboration–Lindsay White (Ep 109)

Lindsay White and a musicians community called the Lady Brain Collective are supporting each another through teaching, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We talk about the Lady Brain community, the upcoming Lady Brain Fest, Patreon, gratitude journaling, saying "no," and more. Episode Highlights This is a return appearance by Lindsay. [...]

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Songwriting, Side Hustles and Gratitude – Lindsay White

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll call your therapist. That is straight from Lindsay White’s bio. She's a songwriting machine, who's been recognized by the likes of the Teullride Bluegrass Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival, Guitar World, and American Songwriter Magazine. In our chat for this episode of the podcast, Lindsay [...]

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Circus Swing and the Transformation of Dean Johanesen

Circus swing is my favorite genre that's been used to label Dean Johanesen. The label comes from Dean's fascination with circus history and a family story that ties it all together. In discussing my fondness of this genre with Dean, he confessed that he's not sure (yet) that he [...]

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