Robonzo Talks Music, Panama and Podcasting on The Say it Loud Podcast

Music podcasters unite! Indeed. I got to recently join my Austin based pals Fair City Fire and comic Matt Jones for an up close and in person conversation on The Say it Loud Podcast. We talk about my podcast, their podcast, music in Austin, music in Panama, and more. They [...]

2018-09-18T09:46:05-07:00September 18th, 2018|Audience Building, Drummers, Gigs, Marketing, Podcast|1 Comment

Circus Swing and the Transformation of Dean Johanesen

Circus swing is my favorite genre that's been used to label Dean Johanesen. The label comes from Dean's fascination with circus history and a family story that ties it all together. In discussing my fondness of this genre with Dean, he confessed that he's not sure (yet) that he [...]

2018-07-26T16:37:18-07:00July 27th, 2018|Festivals, Gigs, Marketing, Podcast, Songwriting, Tips, Touring|4 Comments

Life and Songwriting on the Road–Crystal & Pete Damore

Life and songwriting on the road was the underscoring theme of my interview with Crystal & Pete Damore of Ordinary Elephant. We actually discuss a number of topics including how they've grown their Spotify audience, songwriting camps, the daily practice of object writing, music festival showcase gigs, and the [...]

2018-07-10T19:08:07-07:00July 10th, 2018|Audience Building, Gigs, Marketing, Podcast, Songwriting|9 Comments

The Austin Based Soul of Mingo Fishtrap–Roger Blevins Jr

Singer Songwriter Roger Blevins Jr is the driving force of Austin based Mingo Fishtrap. He grew up listening to R&B, soul, funk, metal, hip-hop, and a little rock, but Mingo Fishtrap is known for the sound of Texas soul. In this episode Roger and I discuss a songwriting accountability [...]

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Synesthesia and the Evolution of SHAPESCENES–Chase Anderson

SHAPESCENES is a reference to synesthesia. My guest in this episode is Chase Anderson, lead singer and guitarist for the Austin band SHAPESCENES. Chase says when he was a kid listening to music, he could close his eyes and see notes, tones and chords as specific complex shape and color [...]

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Touring, Podcasting and Rocking with Fair City Fire–Brian Wolff

Brian Wolff is lead singer and guitarist for Austin based rock band Fair City Fire. Our conversation covers Brian's start in the music scene of Binghamton NY to his immersion in the Austin music scene. He shares lessons learned from touring,  podcasting, college, business and marketing. His band’s latest [...]

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