Building Community–Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill (Ep 168)

Artists like Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill are pioneers of the new indie musician community supporter model. This episode's featured guests are Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill. They're both alumni of this podcast, and were recently mentioned in my article Six Skills All Indie [...]

2020-07-24T09:57:11-04:00July 24th, 2020|House Concerts, Performing, Podcast, Tips|0 Comments

Barn Raising—Megan Leigh (Ep 140)

My guest this week is singer-songwriter Megan Leigh. Megan recently went full-time with her music career time and we dig into how that transition has gone. Along the way we explore how she found the help and support she needed to start the journey, upped her game as a musician, [...]

Celebrating The Wins And Struggles Along The Way—Mawk Phoenix (Ep 131)

Marc Phoenix aka "Mawk", has worked extensively as a producer in Los Angeles with compositions that would do well on radio and which were featured on Blood Diamond, Little Miss Sunshine, Sex & the City, Charmed, Scrubs, among others. He has produced a number of noteworthy artists including Celine [...]

2019-11-23T13:11:40-05:00November 22nd, 2019|House Concerts, Podcast, Videos|2 Comments

Facing Rejection and Staying Creative–Songwriter Tom Meny (Ep 107)

Singer-songwriter Tom Meny knows a thing or two about dealing with rejection and staying creative. In this repeat engagement, Tom and I chat about what to do when faced with rejection, his new podcast, and more. Episode Highlights In Tom's previous appearance on the podcast, we talked at length [...]

Why DIY Recording is a Great Idea–Music Producer Mark Addison (Ep 99)

Mark Addison is a big fan of DIY recording, a seasoned music producer, songwriter, and co-creator of the iconic Tips Concerts series of Austin Texas. Topics discussed in this episode Wendy Colonna and the history of Tips Concerts Why Mark loves DIY recording How he goes about selecting his [...]

2019-04-26T08:40:30-04:00April 19th, 2019|House Concerts, Podcast, Recording|0 Comments

Making the Arts Accessible to All–Benoit Glazer of The Timucua Arts Foundation (Ep96)

Benoit Glazer and the Timucua Arts Foundation believe that the visual and performing arts should be accessible to everyone. What started out as house concerts to fill a gap in his music loving heart, has become a mission to present and inspire great music and art in Central Florida. [...]

2019-04-04T14:35:11-04:00March 29th, 2019|House Concerts, Podcast, Recording, Tips|2 Comments
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