The Gifts of Drumming and Good Health

An inspiring writer by the name of Kris Carr recently posted on her blog, “Not sure when enough is enough? Listen to your body.” Kris has quite the story, and my wife is a follower and fan. She forwarded the article to me, while I was in the throws of [...]

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Getting Gigs that Pay Part 6

The relevance of sales and marketing cannot be ignored nor understated when it comes to getting yourself and your bands booked. The thought of sales is lame for many of us. The thought of marketing, also a lame thought to many of us; but let's face it, if you're in [...]

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Getting Gigs that Pay Part 5

You've nurtured relationships with venues and musicians in your local scene, and you've developed a reputation as a reliable, hard-working player. You show up on time, you don't bitch too much, and you support the efforts of your bandmates. How can you take that to another level? I imagine this [...]

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Getting Gigs that Pay Part 4

The importance of establishing and maintaining a good reputation goes without saying for musicians. Worth considering are the finer points of how ones reputation came to be, and exactly why it matters. There are multiple reasons why one's reputation as a musician are deemed good. Of course there's the actual [...]

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Getting Gigs that Pay Part 3

Relationships have everything to do with being a busy musician. Being a good player (something I'm always working to be) is certainly important, but relationships are arguably even more important. I've heard many musicians, some of them extremely talented and quite successful, say that just being a nice guy makes [...]

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