Perspective on the New Redwood CD

Order the new Redwood CD! I never imagined it would take almost five years to complete a recording project with Redwood, but somehow that's how it played out. The band ended up using five tunes on our debut CD, from a collection of about eight or ten songs [...]

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San Jose’s Redwood Closing in on EP Release

Two or more years ago, Redwood started a recording project. One could say that life got in the way of completing the project, but the band is closing in on wrapping up all of the recording and mixing. So close in fact, that the discussion has shifted to packaging. At [...]

2015-12-30T16:29:41-05:00June 14th, 2014|News|0 Comments

The Meeting of Chad Smith and Will Ferrell

The meeting of Chad Smith and Will Ferrell in a cowbell vs drum challenge for charity could create a tear in the space time continuum, or we could all feel our gut tear from laughter. Everyone knows Ferrell as a funny man, and everyone probably at least suspects that Smith [...]

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Generation Wrecks at Murphy’s Law Sat Sep1

This Saturday I'll be doing a debut gig with San Jose based Generation Wrecks at Murphy's Law Irish Pub and Sports Bar in Sunnyvale. The promo flyer says one of these will be at Murphy's Law, but being of Mexican descent and fan of debauchery, I say as many as [...]

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