Today’s Indie Musician—Mawk Phoenix (Ep 165)

This is the second installment of Today’s Indie Musician series in which ’m talking with former guests of the podcast to do deep dives on the industry, what’s happening during these wild times and where we see it going. These episodes were done as research I [...]

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Disrupting The Music Industry—Alicia Rius (Ep 153)

SoundStorming is trying to disrupt the system that is the music industry, specifically how and where artists share their music, and today I’m joined by one of the co-founders, Alicia Rius. The app allows artists to share their music with an ever-growing and supportive community from the [...]

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Teaching Music Production Online—Liz Cirelli Part 2 (Ep 151)

Today we welcome back producer, singer, songwriter, educator and wellness practitioner, Liz Cirelli. When we first spoke, Liz was very much in a growth phase, and now she’s got some exciting projects on the go, including the launch of The Cirelli School of Music. I wanted [...]

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Writing and Recording Music for the First Time in Years

Any time I talk about how long it's been since I last did something, I hesitate to state how long its' actually been. That's vanity at work. This is what will become an article about my journey to record and publish music. I'll start with what feels like the [...]

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A New Single and a Horror Film–My Name is Chapel (Ep 117)

The artist known as My Name is Chapel releases a new single called Taxi Cab today. Chapel is also in the midst of producing and scoring his first film. We discuss this, his recent full-length album, the origins of his name, and more. Episode Highlights We start by discussing [...]

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Kid Andersen On TrueFire TV and His Forthcoming Album (Ep 110)

Kid Andersen has so much going on these days including having landed among the ranks of master class presenters for TrueFire TV, the release of new recordings for the Little Village Foundation, and a new album that's in the works. Episode Highlights The episode begins with Kid's recent work [...]

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