A New Single and a Horror Film–My Name is Chapel (Ep 117)

The artist known as My Name is Chapel releases a new single called Taxi Cab today. Chapel is also in the midst of producing and scoring his first film. We discuss this, his recent full-length album, the origins of his name, and more. Episode Highlights We start by discussing [...]

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Kid Andersen On TrueFire TV and His Forthcoming Album (Ep 110)

Kid Andersen has so much going on these days including having landed among the ranks of master class presenters for TrueFire TV, the release of new recordings for the Little Village Foundation, and a new album that's in the works. Episode Highlights The episode begins with Kid's recent work [...]

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Why DIY Recording is a Great Idea–Music Producer Mark Addison (Ep 99)

Mark Addison is a big fan of DIY recording, a seasoned music producer, songwriter, and co-creator of the iconic Tips Concerts series of Austin Texas. Topics discussed in this episode Wendy Colonna and the history of Tips Concerts Why Mark loves DIY recording How he goes about selecting his [...]

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Making the Arts Accessible to All–Benoit Glazer of The Timucua Arts Foundation (Ep96)

Benoit Glazer and the Timucua Arts Foundation believe that the visual and performing arts should be accessible to everyone. What started out as house concerts to fill a gap in his music loving heart, has become a mission to present and inspire great music and art in Central Florida. [...]

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International Women’s Day Supernova – Tess Posner (Ep95)

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tess Posner on International Women’s Day. This was especially cool, because she released a single to commemorate the day. That song is Supernova, which you will hear at the end of our conversation. Tess has been singing since she was a teenager, [...]

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Blues Funk Guitarist Emmanuel Tomes

Austin based musician Emmanuel Tomes is a singer songwriter of the blues and funk variety. His early inspirations came from Elliott Smith and Ben Harper. It was in fact Ben Harper who inspired him to start writing and recording original material. That inspiration took Emmanuel down the path of [...]

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