Billy Idol Concert Review – Part 1

~ Review by Becky "The Trivia Queen" Thorvund The Greatest Living Englishman blew into San Francisco last night for the first of two gigs at the Fillmore, their second Bay Area visit this year. The joint was sold out and the audience was more than ready for two hours of [...]

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Recording and Rehearsal Prep

As I was contemplating a post on the topic of recording preparation, I received a great comment from RecordingHacks. They turned me on to a new product for bass drum mic placement - the Kelly Shu. Here's the great review by RecordingHacks. As fate would have it, I recently purchased [...]

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The Ruggedly Hip Mono Gig Bags

I recently ran across an Internet advert for Mono cases, and found that Mono has created a couple of very hip bags for drummers, the M80Cymbal and Studio Stick bags. Upon initial inspection of the M80 bags, I read this on the attached product labels. Waterproof Sharkskin shell? What the...upon [...]

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Drummer for New Oasis Album

And the drummer is... As best I can tell, the man on drums for the new Oasis album Dig Out Your Soul is Chris Sharrock. No, wait! It's Zak Starkey. Thanks to one of our readers, I've been corrected. The winner was Zak Starkey. Today, information is flowing on the [...]

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Drum Making and Customization

I recently previewed the how-to DVD published by Guerilla DrumMaking. As an owner of vintage drum kit, I was immediately drawn to the idea of customizing a single drum or even designing my own custom kit. The tools required are nowhere near the expense that I would have guessed. A [...]

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Robonzo’s Favorite Drum Lesson Sites

Since my recent write up on drum lesson sites, two have jumped out as my favorites. My personal number one is Mike Johnston's, I was hooked after watching a couple of his free lessons on The Drum Lab (YouTube). is a very cool site that offers iPod lesson [...]

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