Listen to Jeff Beck and That’s All the Education You Need – Greg Marra

My interview with Guitarcore pioneer Bill Lonero was apparently his first on a podcast. I told Bill my prediction was that he would soon start receiving requests to be on other podcasts. ?? Enter Los Angeles based guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and host of The Iconoclast Music Podcast, Greg Marra. Lonero [...]

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Music Lesson Websites Update

This post originated in 2008, but received a refresh in April of 2017. Today, I'm glad to add another resource worthy of your time, especially if you're guitar shopping. A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Guitar Ray Beck, a contributor at Beginner Guitar HQ reached out to fill [...]

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Animal and Muppets Cover Dance Yrself Clean

Whenever Animal makes a move, this blog tries to follow. The Muppets are seen below in a surprise rooftop spoof performance that took place in Brighton. In a performance that apparently took onlookers by surprise, Animal, Kermit and company cover LCD Soundsystem's Dance Yrself Clean. If you've not heard the [...]

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