A good friend and bandmate sent me this video from DrumChannel.com. My friend went to school with Dave Elitch and had the privelige of playing in a band with him, while both were in school in LA. I’m told that my bandmate was invited to join a band with Elitch, but was faced with moving to Vancouver, a move he decided not to make.

Terry Bozzio conducts a fun interview with Elitch. As I watched the opening performance solo, I thought–that guy practiced; which is an understatement. My buddy tells me that it was about 2 hours a day. In listening to the interview, you can get some great insight into the makings of great drummer. Dave like his peers are highly, highly skilled by way of education.

The two drum gods get into some interesting conversation covering the business, YouTube, Mars Volta and more. This is a great view and listen. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the Drum Channel.