Zak Starkey imageAnd the drummer is… As best I can tell, the man on drums for the new Oasis album Dig Out Your Soul is Chris Sharrock. No, wait! It’s Zak Starkey.

Thanks to one of our readers, I’ve been corrected. The winner was Zak Starkey. Today, information is flowing on the new album and I’ve been able to confirm from multiple sources, including digital spy that Zak is the man on the kit for Dig Out Your Soul. Though I’m a bit embarrassed at my initial claim that Chris Sharrock played on the record, I’m not surprised to learn that it’s Zak, given the specific work done on ‘The Shock of Lightning.’ Perhaps our reader said it best in claiming that Starkey is “the greatest drummer Oasis has had or ever will have.”

According to our reader sources, the British born Sharrock, formerly of The La’s and Robbie Williams, has replaced Zak Starkey in support of the current Oasis tour. Starkey replaced Alan White, who replaced Tony McCarroll. Obviously the the brothers Gallagher have decided that a permanent drummer is not their thing. Noel and Liam Gallagher, the only original members of Oasis, continue to make headlines as feuding siblings. This may continue, as Chris Sharrock comes from Liam’s nemesis, Robbie Williams. Really? His nemesis? That’s what sources call him anyway. I’m not sure what that drama is all about, but it probably means we’ll hear about another drummer joining the band once the current leg of their tour concludes.

All that silliness aside, Starkey (not Sharrock) does a commendable job on an album that sounds great from start to finish. The band apparently shares writing contributions, and Noel and Liam share lead vocal spots throughout. The album’s engineer achieved a number of great sounds that compliment Starkey’s (not Sharrock’s) drum tracks, as heard on the standout tracks ‘Ain’t Got Nothin’ and ‘The Shock of Lightning.’

I suppose that despite my initial misinformation, I can still confess that I’ll miss knowing that Zak’s working with the band. He did, after all, bring the Gallagher brothers closer to their primary influence The Beatles. That said, I’m sure that Sharrock will do a bang up job (pun intentionally inserted) on the band’s triumphant return to the road. Best of luck Chris!