MySpace has without a doubt become a huge part of artist promotion. Adopted by indie artists like The Killers to major artists like John Mayer, MySpace warrants heavy consideration in band and artist promotion. Does this platform fit the individual drummer’s promotional efforts? Absolutely. Recently I was asked to check out an independent artist MySpace page, which turned out to be a complete mess. That experience compels me to give advice.

My advice to drummers where MySpace is concerned is simple. Functionality, functionality, functionality. Ask yourself or ask a friend, whether or not your demos, photos and videos can be easily found, played and viewed. Next, go easy on the flash. Flash can be cool, but only when used by the highly skilled who are familiar with things like SEO and SEM. If you’re about to Google or Wiki those terms, then you have no business using flash. Where sound is concerned, let users opt to play your music, as opposed to force feeding them with auto-play upon landing. Finally, look and form are very important, but don’t get overly wrapped up in pimping your page out. Doing so will likely render your MySpace page a cluttered mess.

There’s much more that can be said on this topic, but for now let these simple rules be your starting guide and check out these resources for MySpace design tips.