Since my recent write up on drum lesson sites, two have jumped out as my favorites. My personal number one is Mike Johnston’s, I was hooked after watching a couple of his free lessons on The Drum Lab (YouTube). is a very cool site that offers iPod lesson downloads for 0.99 or monthly lesson packages for $19.99. In my preview of Mike’s site, I’d say he’s a great go-to for intermediate and advanced players looking to sharpen their skills. His practical approach to teaching will appeal to most drummers, and his playing is fantastic. If you like what you hear and see on The Drum Lab or, also check out Mike’s band Simon Says, live in Germany.

Second on my personal favorites list is with Jared Falk. This and other sites market The Complete Rock Drumming System DVD set, featuring Jared Falk. For drummers not particularly into the iPod download or YouTube format, this DVD set offers excellent instruction on beginner, intermediate and advanced technique. The DVD goes for $131, with a few lower cost individual DVD options. All come with a money-back guarantee. I checked out part of the free 7-day trial lessons, which looked great for beginners. The quality of Falk’s videos sold me as being a program worth considering. He too is an excellent player.

The advantages of using one of these highly recommended offerings is that they both offer the ultimate in flexibility for drummers who may not want the schedule and time commitment of in-person lessons. The cost comparison to in-person lessons ($30/lesson) is also a consideration. The other obvious benefit to the online lesson approach, is that you can review lessons several times. On the downside, there’s little one-on-one personal interaction with the instructor, which some drummers will want or need. Although, with many online solutions, your video-instructor is available for feedback and critique. for instance, will provide feedback based on videos that you record of your practice sessions.

Having taken a closer look at these site, you’ll likely see more feedback on other sites soon.