When it comes to gift ideas for your special drummer, there’s a lot to choose from. I’ve listed my top five ideas for your shopping pleasure. And by the way, you these gifts work for any holiday.

Mono M80 Cymbal Bag

  1. A Gretch Catalina Club Rock Kit
  2. Remo Djembe
  3. The Mono M80 Cymbal Bag
  4. Lesson Pack from Mikeslessons.com
  5. An LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell

These ideas are somewhat ordered by price. Other ideas are cymbals, hard shell cases, hardware bags or hard shell cases, drum heads, sticks and gift certificates at your favorite drummer’s preferred retailer or online store. If you’re on a modest budget, as little as $50 can make a drummer smile. For a couple hundred, there’s no telling what your drummer valentine will do for you.