What to Expect

Now that you’re booked for an interview, here are some things to know and what you can expect.


We are strictly a one-on-one style interview format. This helps greatly with production time and sound quality control.

The Interview

microphone on black backgroundMost questions you’ll be asked are intended to provide useful information to independent musicians. I don’t send out a list of questions before interviews, but I promise there will be no gotcha questions.

If there are specific topics you wish to discuss, such as an upcoming release or anything else, please send them to me before your interview.


Please provide the following headshot images from your media kit. We use these images for promo artwork, social posts, etc.

High resolution and the sizes listed below are preferred.

One ~700 x 700 pixels

One ~1280 x 720 pixels

Sound Quality

Hands-free is not ideal. Plan on using a recording quality microphone and headphones or earbuds. If you don’t have an external mic, but want to up your game, here’s an affordable option.

Samson Technologies Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Mic Recording and Podcasting Pack
(Includes Mic Clip, Desktop Stand, Windscreen and Cables)

Please be in a room that has minimal sound reflection (i.e. echo), which can come from too many hard surfaces. The ideal room is also free of distraction and background noise.

If calling from your computer, it’s recommended that you close all apps not being used for the purpose of our call.

Remember to set your mobile devices to focus / do-not-disturb mode.

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Production Time

I’m fortunate to often have a healthy backlog of booked and prerecorded interviews. This means that episodes are in our production queue for an average of 2 to 8 weeks. If you’re promoting something that’s time sensitive and are interested in getting bumped up to the top of the list,  check out our VIP Episode option below.

I look forward to our chat.

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