The Unstarving Musician podcast, hosted by Robonzo, features interviews with independent music artists who share their experience and expertise on recording, touring, getting gigs, the creative process, marketing, and more. It’s the podcast intended to help independent music artists better understand the marketing, business and creative processes that empower us to do more of what we love–make music.

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Are you struggling to get your music out there?
Overwhelmed by all the hats you must wear as an indie music artist?

The Unstarving Musician is here to help!

I’ve interviewed hundreds of independent musicians and industry professionals about creativity, productivity, making money in music and more. Our conversations are an ongoing discussion of what’s working and what’s not.

You can be privy to it all!

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Best of the Podcast

One of our most popular episodes and a perfect sample representation of the podcast.

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Testimonials & Reviews

I gotta extend a personal thank you to you, and with an extra helping of gratitude. Putting it out there is one step that is very important, and it leads to other steps on our journey, that’s for sure. In my experience, people often have a considerable influence on the path that gets set before us, and you are such a person in my life. I am blessed that you reached out to me and helped to get the ball rolling for me to be a presence in the South Bay music scene. I could write the chapter of a book about your personal involvement in connecting me to a plethora of players, through both your personal invitations to get me out to sit in and for the recommendations you made for others to hire me.

Kevin Coggins, Pro Drummer | Educator , San Jose School of the Blues

Hi, Roberto… Just wanted to say many thanks for the advance copy of your guide! It is awesome! I’m about halfway through, and it’s been so helpful already. Looking forward to buying the published version. You are the bomb!

Lynn Bartholomew, Gigging Musician | San Jose, California

Really enjoying your podcasts, I am a fellow KOMPOZ user and fan and collaborator with Peter Rand. Your Podcast with him was really great and I have been going through each episode while riding the train. Super Interesting stuff and you have a great interview style! I haven’t finished listening to them all yet but I am gonna keep working my through. Thanks for making my journeys feel a little shorter!

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