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The Podcast

The Unstarving Musician features interviews with independent music artists and music industry professionals who share their experience and expertise on recording, touring, gigs, the creative process, marketing, and more. It’s the podcast intended to help independent music artists better understand the marketing, business and creative processes that empower us to do more of what we love–make music.

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Latest Episodes

281 Garry Peterson of The Guess Who – A New Album, Touring, History of The Guess Who, Garry’s Drum Gear, Facts or Fiction, Advice for Young Players

September 29th, 2023|Categories: Performing, Podcast|Tags: , |

280 Nichole Wagner – Journalism, Photography, Moving To Austin, Rebooting Her Patreon, Drive-by Poetry, Perceived Roadblocks To Making Music, House Concerts

September 22nd, 2023|Categories: Income, Marketing, Performing, Podcast|Tags: |

279 Alyssa Trahan – Moving to Nashville, Sound Engineering, Endorsements, Sponsors, Crowdfunding, Marketing, Merch, and the Biggest Lesson She’d Learned in Nashville

September 15th, 2023|Categories: Income, Marketing, Performing, Podcast|Tags: |

278 Kayana – Drip Release Strategy, Self Forgiveness, Dating, a Short Film Commission, and a Creative Retreat that Gave Her the Theme and Outline for Her Forthcoming Album

September 8th, 2023|Categories: Marketing, Performing, Podcast|

277 Sam J Garfield – His New Song “Monsters,” Getting Started as a Sound Engineer, and How to he Attracts Opportunity

September 1st, 2023|Categories: Creativity, Marketing, Podcast|Tags: |

276 JJ Lovegrove – A New Album with Minus Cube, a Forthcoming Complimentary Film, Identifying as a Performer, Fighting the Spotify Algorithm, and Deep Connections on Twitter

August 25th, 2023|Categories: Creativity, Performing, Podcast|

270 Grant Tilbury of Openstage – Engagement Benchmarks, Advice for Music Artists & Artist Management, Fan Loyalty, and Openstage Case Studies

Christine Smith – Musicians vs the World, Getting Paid Gigs as a Teen Pianist, Composing, Orchestration, Film Scoring, and the Arc of Her Career in Music, Film, and Sound Design #269

Frank Salazar On Why He Still Makes Music, The Problem With Not Being A Lead Singer, His Studio Recording Toolkit, And His New Single “Save Yourself” #268

Ariane Paras – Dream Jobs Don’t Equal Happiness, Burnout, And The Importance Of Finding Joy, Confidence And Happiness #267

Alicia Van Sant – Happiness And Longevity Of The Wag, Singing Better In Heels, Performing Music Of The Beatles, Blue Bottles And Copper Coins, Making Merch With The Cricut, The Moody Blues, Star Trek, And Lord Of The Rings #266

Cranston Dean – Songwriting Influence From Small Town Life And Jazz, Recording “Northern Town,” Getting Started In Songwriting, The Value Of Open Mic Performance, Big Studio Lessons Applied To Home Recording #265

Julieta Heredia – Fin Del Mundo, A YouTube Performance That’s Changing Everything, The Evolution Of Live Shows, The Message In Their Music, And The Writing Process #264

Krosst Out – A Changing Approach To Music, Unconventional Release Strategy, A Collaboration Wishlist, Songwriting Introspection, Tour Plans #263

David Pedrick – The Working Musician Podcast, Balance Between Creative Vision And Career Demands, Financial Reasons To Control Publishing, The Beatles, And Rush #262

Keldamuzik – Oakland’s Hip Hop Scene, Child Acting, Merch, Modeling, Sync Placements, Content Strategy, Building A Press Portfolio, And Kelda’s Social Media Jam #261

John Templeman – Music Roots In Ohio, Touring Post Pandemic, Favorite Music News Sources, Concert Ticket Prices, Change Driven Marketing, Artist Contributions To Their Own Success, Jib Machine Records #260

Daniel Stidham – Marketing Minds Of Raid The Quarry, Release Strategy, Co-writing, The Business Of Hard Rock, Audience Development, Making Videos (Rewind Ep 259)

Zack O’Malley Greenburg (Rewind)–The Relationship Between Indie Artists And Fans, Rise Of The Super Fan, NFTs, Lessons From Hip Hop, And The Rising Significance Of Intellectual Property Ep (258)

Joshua Van Ness – Marketing A New Release, Endorsements, The Wag’s Mixed Business Model, Merchandising, And Social Marketing (Ep 257)

Carter Ray – Acting And His Accidental Start In Music, Headlining Gay Pride 2022, Merch Ideas, Tips on Getting Better Gigs, Social Media Marketing and Content Creation (Ep 256)

Shilpa Ananth – Overcoming Hardship To Find Success, Teaching At The Berklee College Of Music In Abu Dhabi, Songwriting Inspiration In Hard Times, Finding Calm, And Advice For Singers (Ep 255)

Wowashwow – Origins Of Her Artist Name, Humor In Music, Her Latest Single And The Forth Coming Album, Effects Of Social Algorithms On Indie Music Artists, Vulnerability And Connecting With Her Audience, Cannabis Advocacy, And More (Ep 254)

Tom Meny (Rewind) – Austin’s Music Scene, Rejection, Writer’s Slump, Songwriting Groups, Songwriting Advice From Cindi Lauper And Shannon Curtis, Email Marketing, Getting Paid (Ep 253)

Ryan Miller And Jay Lifton – Something From Tiffany’s, Guster, Their Journey Toward Film Scores, The Value Of Film Festivals, Music In Video Games (Ep 252)

Drew Ryder Smith – Website Platforms, Nashville, Texas Ties, Growing Up In Tennessee, Pneumonia, Songwriting Vocationally, Touring, Recording, The Origins Of Robonzo, And Legendary Drummers (Ep 251)

Stacey Bedford – $100 Million In Commission-Free Sales, Bees, Lessons Learned At Bandzoogle, The Value Of Unplugging, Advice To Musicians, And The Importance Of Websites For Musicians (Ep 250)

Dariann Leigh–New Songs, Pursuits In Pop, Creating A Sound, Songwriting, Journaling, Documenting Lyrics & Hooks, Theatre, Being A Solo Artist, Media Features, Release Strategy (Ep 249)

Musician Websites – Choosing A Theme, Site Content, Search Engine Optimization, Email Forms And Incentives, Selling Merch, Music And Services, The Launch, And Continuity (Ep 248)

Charlie Berry – Spotify Streaming, Songwriting, The Creative Process, Booking Shows, Productivity, Routine, Studio Production, Advice For Singers, And Surviving Nashville (Ep 247)

Dean Johanesen – Album Artwork, Song Reference Files, Record Release Mode, Balancing Creative Time, Arc Of A Thematic Album, Writing Press Releases, Release Campaign Framework, Heightened Creativity, Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival (Ep 246)

Marlee XX – Growing Up In D.C., Recent Releases (“Frequency” And “Only One”), Serving The Voices Of Women As A DJ, Becoming A Producer, Self Expression Through Style, Life As A Solo Artist, Learning The Music Business, Sync Licensing, And Stage Fright (Ep 245)

Fia Nyxx – PR, Marketing, Common Indie Artist Struggles, Video Collaboration, Release Strategy, Recording Studio Lessons, Confidence Through Repetition, And Theatrical Performance (Ep 244)

Shannon Curtis – House Concerts, Building Connections And Community, Release Strategy And Her 2018 Album “Both At The Same Time” (Rewind Series Ep 243)

Choosing A Platform For Your Musician Website (Ep 242)

Choosing A Domain For Your Musician Website (Ep 241)

The Best Music Career Momentum Builder Is Also The Hardest Thing To Do – Jann Klose (Ep 240)

Free vs Paid Hosting For Musician Websites (Ep 239)

Making Maroon 5, Losing It All, and Finding Recovery – Ryan Dusick (Ep 238)

Why Do I Need A Musician Website? (Ep 237)

It’s Really All About Networking–Musician Lara Price (Ep 236)

Lucky Beats Good Sometimes – Chris Raspante Rewind (Ep 235)

Dynamics, Creative Recording And Getting Gigs – Mike Dawson Rewind (Ep 234)

Creating A Business Around Your Music And Artistic Sides – Fabiana Claure (Ep 233)

Kevin Breuner On Small Town Poets, CD Baby, Music Distribution And DIY Musician Education (Ep 232)

The Mystery of The Flounder – Cozi Anda Flounder (Ep 231)

Stick To Your Guns And Your Vision–Harrison Marcello (Ep 230)

Showing Up Again And Again – Peter Wilson of Four Trips Ahead (Ep 229)

The Secret To Writing And Recording Songs To Completion – Marc Dold (Ep 228)

Creativity, Music, Entrepreneurship and Leadership – David Andrew Wiebe (Ep 227)

We Are All Musicians Now – Zack O’Malley Greenburg (Ep 226)

Being A Successful Gigging Musician – Jared Judge (Ep 225)

Building A Stock And Originals Music Library With Independent Musicians–Ori Winokur (Ep 224)

Success On TikTok Was Good Until It Wasn’t–Seth King (Ep 223)

Translating Perfectionism And Passion Into Music–Michael Gilbride (Ep 222)

The Excitement Of Press Coverage And “Amelia”–Otto (Ep 221)

Writing Music With Preparedness In Mind–Bradford Loomis (Ep 220)

Amplifying Female Voices Over 50, Including Her Own – Brooksie Wells (Ep 219)

Exploring 60s Guitar Rock To Modern Hip Hop – Andrew Chris (Ep 218)

Making Music For Friendship And Legacy – Ryan Rosoff (Ep 217)

Recognizing And Defeating A Creative Rut – Amiena (Ep 216)

Lynz Crichton’s Music Marketing Method (Ep 215)

Cracking the codes of social media and playlists – JJ Lovegrove (Ep 214)

Make Your Website Inviting to Music Supervisors, Talent Buyers, Bloggers and Podcasters With An EPK (Ep 213)

Lead Singer Songwriter Gabriel Sanchez of Hope Darling (Ep 212)

Pop Singer Songwriter Heidi Webster Is Bent On Positivity (Ep 211)

Writing, Recording And Self-Producing Music At Nineteen – Edwrds (Ep 210)

Meandering Through Music, Art And Life – Tanya Winch (Ep 209)

Anna Larson Shares Her Passions For Music, Story Telling And Beauty (Ep 208)

Indian Classical Vocalist Crossover Artist – Roopa Mahadevan (Ep 207)

Breaking Down History And Evolution of DJ Music Culture – Justin Paul (Ep 206)

New Gods Part 2 Co-Writer Peter Rand (Ep 205)

Artist Development And Struggles Of The Emerging Artists – Lars Deutsch (Ep 204)

Marketing and Staying Creative–Musician Producer David Franz (Ep 203)

Finding A Creative Outlet In Online Collaboration–Timothy Reid (Ep 202)

Songwriting With Conscious And Unconscious Awareness–Helene Jæger (Ep 201)

Studio Work, Teaching, Visual Arts and Drum Gear – Mike Dawson (Ep 200)

Create, Cultivate and Connect–Joy Ike (Ep 199)

Music As Therapy–Michael Gilbride (Ep 198)

From performing with a high energy rock band to live streaming as a solo artist – Brian Wolff (Ep 197)

From Folk To Rock To Harder Rock – Sylvia Rose Novak (Ep 196)

Performing Alongside Blues Icons–Reverend Raven (Ep 195)

Collaboration, Music Discovery and Trackd Music–Grant Tilbury-Jaiswal (Ep 194)

Committed To Recording And Performing – Abe Partridge (Ep 193)

Brian Wolff Responds To Unstarving Musician Survey (Ep 192)

Alyssa Trahan Responds To Unstarving Musician Survey (Ep 191)

A Songwriting Routine That Doesn’t Resemble Work – Steven Keene (Ep 190)

Songwriter And Electric Bass Virtuoso Johnnie Gilmore (Ep 189)

On Top of The World–Lara Price Interviews Robonzo About Debut Single (Ep 188)

On Top Of The World – Ezra Vancil Interviews Robonzo About Debut Single (Ep 187)

Guitarist and Studio Engineer In Demand–Chris Raspante (Ep 186)

The Many Ways Musicians Are Adapting To Change–Dave Cool (Ep 185)

Living And Writing About Life–Garret Laver (Ep 184)

Loss, Songwriting and the Blues–Brian Young (Ep 183)

Keeping Your Side of the Street Clean–Ezra Vancil (Ep 182)

The Art of Collaboration–Otto (Ep 181)

The PR and Artist Working Relationship–Zoë Sonnenberg (Ep 180)

The Importance Of Streaming And The Related Scams To Avoid–Michael Sloan, Streaming Promotions (Ep 179)

A Musician with Over 800 Tracks on Kompoz–Peter Rand (Ep 177)

Record Anywhere With Great Results–Markus K (Ep 176)

Music Collaboration App Trackd Changed Her Life – Rachel Hearnden (Ep 175)

Emerging Collaboration Tools Could Bring Life to New Music Genres – Grant Tilbury, Trackd (Ep 174)

Online Collaboration And The Always-On Music Industry–SoundStorming (Ep 173)

A Debut Album, Self-Doubt and Preserving Tenderness Within–Evangeline Gentle (Ep 172)

The Evolution of Music Collaboration–Raf Fiol of Kompoz (Ep 171)

The Musician Fan Base–Michael Walker (Ep 170)

Building Community–Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill (Ep 168)

Doing It All As An Artist—Caleb Lovely (Ep 167)

Today’s Indie Musician—Lara Price (Ep 166)

Today’s Indie Musician – Mawk Phoenix (Ep 165)

Today’s Indie Musician – Ariane Cap (Ep 164)

Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs – Chapter 9 (Ep 163)

Re-Entering Live Music—Neil Schnell Part 2 (Ep 162)

Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs—Chapter 8 (Ep 161)

A True Rock Band—Matt James (Ep 160)

Navigating Grief Through Music—Kate Schutt (Ep 159)

Creating a Thriving Patreon Community—Rebecca Loebe (Ep 158)

Distinguishing Your Band To Venues—David De Carion (Ep 157)

Live Streamed Shows In Isolation —Dean Johanesen Part 2 (Ep 156)

Help Is Not On The Way—Juno (Ep 155)

Release Strategy, Online Distribution and a Famous Duet—Kendal Conrad (Ep 154)

Disrupting The Music Industry—Alicia Rius (Ep 153)

The Good That Can Come From Hard Times—Judy Rodman Part 3 (Ep 152)

Teaching Music Production Online—Liz Cirelli Part 2 (Ep 151)

Making It Happen For Yourself—Camellia Akhamie Kies (Ep 150)

How Creators Can Become Owners—Zack O’Malley Greenburg (Ep 149)

Being a Performer Amidst a Pandemic—Chloe Collins (Ep 148)

Confronting Limitations, Competition and Creating Opportunities—Danielle Eva Schwob (Ep 147)

Using “No” As Rocket Fuel—Tara Simon (Ep 146)

Unlocking the Voice Within—Kelly Atkins (Ep 145)

Finding Your Brand Identity—Kendall Rucks (Ep 144)

Unapologetic Dreams and Free of Fear—Alonzo (Ep 143)

Options for Musicians Amidst Uncertain Times—Dave Cool (Ep 142)

Online Courses, Self-Publishing and Consistent Content—Ariane Cap (Ep 141)

Barn Raising—Megan Leigh (Ep 140)

The Power of Facebook Communities (Ep 139)

Listening For That Phrase— Johnny Burgin (Part 2) (Ep 138)

Walking the Path—Ron Klimek (Ep 137)

Licensing Music, Building an Audience and Embracing Streaming—Angela Predhomme (Ep 136)

Self-Care For a Strong Career—Eli Lev (Ep 135)

Building An Intentional Music Career—Joshua Van Ness (Ep 134)

Creating Emotion-Rich Vocals—Judy Rodman (Ep 133)

Do The Hard Thing First—David Andrew Wiebe (Ep 132)

Celebrating The Wins And Struggles Along The Way—Mawk Phoenix (Ep 131)

Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs – Chapter 7 (Ep 130)

Take Control Of Your Music Career—Ryan Kairalla (Ep 129)

Create The Community You Need—Chris Coles (Ep 128)

Juggling Twenty Plus Performances a Month—Frankie Raye (Ep 127)

The Value of a Mentor—Adam and Michael Scharff (Ep 126)

Effective Use of Digital Media for Musicians–Bruce Waryzyniak (Ep 125)

Karyn Ann and October’s Lady Brain Listening Room Event (Ep 124)

The Balancing Act of Playing in Multiple Bands–Miles Franco (Ep 123)

Branding Your Music with Greg Wilnau (Ep 122)

Rock Star Advocate Suz Paulinski on Musician Mindset (Ep 121)

Igniting Creativity and Restarting a Music Career–Glasys (Ep 120)

Giving Back to Austin’s Youth–Brian Wolff (Ep 119)

Aki Kumar Signs With Sony Music India (Ep 118)

A New Single and a Horror Film–My Name is Chapel (Ep 117)

Music Career Growth, Podcasting and Activism–Simon Tam (Ep 116)

Kofy Brown on Being In-Demand and Creating a Joyful Music Career (Ep 115)

Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs – Chapters 5 & 6 (Ep 114)

Bollywood Blues Man Aki Kumar on Gratitude, Humility, and Band Dynamics (Ep 113)

Arlene Paculan – Community and the Power of Connection (Ep 112)

Managing Stage Fright with Perspective, a Conversation with Chris Avetta (Ep 111)

Kid Andersen On TrueFire TV and His Forthcoming Album (Ep 110)

Community and Collaboration–Lindsay White (Ep 109)

Crystal & Pete Damore of Ordinary Elephant (Ep 108)

Facing Rejection and Staying Creative–Songwriter Tom Meny (Ep 107)

The Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs – Chapters 3-4 (Ep 106)

The Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs – Chapters 1 & 2 (Ep 105)

Helping Music Artists Realize Their Dreams–Jason Davis (Ep 104)

Finding Mentors and Community in the Music Industry – Glass Hamlet (Ep 103)

Album Release Strategy–Daniel Stidham of Raid the Quarry (Ep 102)

From Collaborator to Solo Artist – Singer Songwriter Notelle (Ep 101)

Best of the Unstarving Musician Podcast (Ep 100)

Why DIY Recording is a Great Idea–Music Producer Mark Addison (Ep 99)

Profitable Musician Summit 2019–Bree Noble (Ep 98)

Secrets of Creativity–Chris Taylor (Ep 97)

Making the Arts Accessible to All–Benoit Glazer, Timucua Arts Foundation (Ep 96)

International Women’s Day Supernova – Tess Posner (Ep 95)

Overcoming Creative Block and Getting Out of Our Own Heads (Ep 94)

Kickstarter, PR, and Making Good Music – Jenna and Daniel Watters (Ep 93)

At the Intersection of Hard Work and Opportunity – Wendy Colonna (Ep 92)

Whimsy On Stage and In the Studio – Louisa Hall (Ep 91)

Quintessential DIY Musician Justin Trawick (Ep 90)

Inspiration, Kickstarter and Trust – Jana Pochop (Ep 89)

Blues Funk Guitarist Emmanuel Tomes (Ep 88)

Cutting Out the Music Business Middleman–Bradford & Kimberly Loomis (Ep 87)

Sound Design, Friction, and Songwriting–Cam Gillette (Ep 86)

Blues, Folk and Change–Tony Harrah (Ep 85)

Producer, Musician, and Songwriter – Jamie Hill (Ep 84)

Holiday Cheer 2018 – Robonzo (Ep 83)

Balancing Music, Visual Art and Fatherhood – Eric Bolander (Ep 82)

San Antonio Singer Songwriter – Laura Marie (Ep 81)

From Writing Her First Song to Going Pro – Sylvia Rose Novak (Ep 80)

Music Performance Coach Vicki Ambinder (Ep 79)

Happy Holidays from Robonzo (Ep 78)

Writing, Recording, and Finding Balance – Ian Salazar (Ep 77)

House Concert Tours & Community – Shannon Curtis (Ep 76)

Gritty, Sassy, Rock and Blues Goodness – Ginger Leigh (Ep 75)

Rolling with the Indie Musician Life – Lannie Flowers (Ep 74)

Happiness in a Home Studio – Lance Harvill (Ep 73)

Making Music with an Open Heart and Mind – Jon Christopher Davis (Ep 72)

Songwriting, Side Hustles and Gratitude – Lindsay White (Ep 71)

Setting the Intention to Make Music Full Time – Eli Lev (Ep 70)

Balancing Authenticity, Appearances, and Fun – Lee Coulter (Ep 69)

An Album of Passion and Persistence – Danny Wilkerson (Ep 68)

Beauty in Music and Art – Abe Partridge (Ep 67)

Indie Label to Indie Mindset – Lisa Sanders (Ep 66)

Creating Music to Discover Who He Is – Chris Taylor (Ep 65)

Crossing Paths with Jace Everett (Ep 64)

Invested in Music Marketing – Mike Osborn (Ep 63)

Tapping into the House Concert Scene–Robonzo (Ep 62)

Circus Swing and the Transformation of Dean Johanesen (Ep 61)

House Concert Host Amy Killingsworth (Ep 60)

Life and Songwriting on the Road–Crystal & Pete Damore (Ep 59)

The Austin Based Soul of Mingo Fishtrap–Roger Blevins Jr (Ep 58)

Rediscovering Me–Singer Songwriter Jennifer Vazquez (Ep 57)

Synesthesia and the Evolution of SHAPESCENES–Chase Anderson (Ep 56)

Touring, Podcasting and Rocking with Fair City Fire–Brian Wolff (Ep 55)

House Concert Ambassador Tom Meny (Ep 54)

Insights from Chris Raspante, Paul Kent, Bill Lonero and Robert Berry (Ep 53)

Why musician Ray Prim has a day job, and loves it! (Ep 52)

Songwriting and the Truth About Saying Yes–Hannah Holbrook (Ep 51)

Crushing it on Instagram–Drummer Mike Dawson (Ep 50)

Songwriting with a Deadline–Lynz Crichton (Ep 49)

A Profitable Musician Summit–Bree Noble (Ep 48)

Starting Over in Austin–Lara Price (Ep 47)

Crazy Cat Lady, Lover of Llamas, Queen of Periscope– Mira Goto (Ep 46)

SoFar Sounds Kansas City–Tony Di Silvestro (Ep 45)

Professional Super Fan & Musician Educator–Carlos Castillo (Ep 44)

From Piano Lessons to Rap Rock Fusion–Krosst Out (Ep 43)

A Hidden Album Collection Discovery–Ezra Vancil (Ep 42)

Reverb and Whiskey (or Iced Tea)–Singer Songwriter Joe George (Ep 41)

Rolling with Music Industry Changes Via Kickstarter–Tom Irwin (Ep 40)

You Have to Want to Sing Even if it Doesn’t Pay – Judy Rodman (Ep 39)

Where Financial Fear, Elusive Fame, and Abundance Collide – Liz Cirelli (Ep 38)

The Music Industry is About Money, Not Talent–Sommer Sharon (Ep 37)

Finding Happiness in the Blues and Howlin’ at Greaseland – Stephanie Tice (Ep 36)

Listen to Jeff Beck and That’s All the Education You Need – Greg Marra (Ep 35)

Tribute Bands, Jam Etiquette, & Backing Tracks–
Mike Osborn (Ep 34)

Opinions About Being a Full Time Career Musician–Lisa Leuschner Andersen (Ep 33)

Find Someone Who Believes In Your Music & Get a Good Lawyer–Rex Brown (Ep 32)

Why Musicians Shouldn’t Have a Cell Phone on Stage – Rockin’ Johnny Burgin (Ep 31)

Mark Wenner on The Nighthawks, Performing, Recording, and Rock & Roll (Ep 30)

David De Silva of Archer Nation on Music Theory, Fan Appreciation, Endorsements and Record Labels (Ep 29)

David Barrett Passionate Music Educator and Blues Harmonica Master (Ep 28)

Lannie Flowers on Being a Career Musician, Songwriting, Studio Work, and Awards (Ep 27)

Terry LaPorta On Being Parent and Manager of Teen Pop Star & Radio Disney Artist Samantha LaPorta (Ep 26)

Mike Dawson’s Home Studio and Social Media Strategy (Ep 25)

Disney Radio Artist Samantha LaPorta on Performing, Songwriting, Recording and Giving Back (Ep 24)

Aki Kumar on Chicago Blues, Bollywood Blues, Harmonica, and Performing (Ep 23)

George Brandau on Connecting People, Organizing and Promoting Benefit Shows, and Chrome Deluxe (Ep 22)

Rock Photographer Neil Zlozower On Being & Shooting the Best (Ep 21)

Michelle Lockey on Music Licensing and Songwriting for TV & Film (Ep 20)

Robert Berry on Greg Kihn, Jason Bonham, Session Work, the Business and Serving Others (Ep 19)

Alyssa Trahan on Recording, Sponsorships, Merchandising, Marketing, and Getting to Nashville (Ep 18)

Bree Noble on Women of Substance Radio, Going Pro and Making Money (Ep 17)

Bill Lonero on The Defiant Machine, History, Music Licensing, Songwriting, and Sleeping 8 Hours (Ep 16)

Lee Oskar (Ep 15)

Lynz Crichton (Ep 14)

Dave Hamilton (Ep 13)

Mira Goto (Ep 12)

Robonzo Solo Episode (Ep 11)

John “Kiko” Carney (Ep 10)

Paul Kent Talks The Houserockers, Gig Gab, Relationships, and Music Collaboration (Ep 9)

Neil Schnell (Ep 8)

Jim Kisselburg (Ep 7)

John Wolff (Ep 6)

D Grant Smith (Ep 5)

Humble Beginnings and Mean Business in Austin–Lara Price (Ep 4)

Kid Andersen (Ep 3)

Chris Raspante on Serendipity, Networking, Reputation, and Nashville (Ep 2)

The Prolific Hustle of a Pro Drummer – Mike Dawson (Ep 1)

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