Committed To Recording And Performing – Abe PartridgeAbe is extremely committed to the experience of recording records and playing live shows, because he loves connecting with people in the flesh. This is how he gets his music out into the world.  In this second appearance for the podcast, Abe and I discuss pandemic driven changes in music, painting, the release of his latest single, what a good gig looks like to Abe, why performing live is so important to him, his subscription based art club, and our shared pandemic pessimism.

You can also hear Abe in episode 67 of the Unstarving Musician.

Our conversation is somber at times, given the impact of the pandemic, but I found myself giggling like a little girl throughout. There was so much laughing and giggling on my part, that I decided to edit some of my laughter out. It’s not that Abe’s comedic per say. I guess I was just that happy to be spending time with him. He’s an inspiring artist and human being.

I’ll likely post the uncut version of our conversation on the Unstarving Musician YouTube channel.

Please enjoy this conversation with a wee bit less laughter. ?

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