Living And Writing About Life–Garret Laver (Ep 184)

Lucid Phase members Cyrus Maleki, Jacob Flack and Garret Laver (center). My guest for this episode is Garret Laver of the trio Lucid Phase. The band's music style falls somewhere between roots, reggae, dub, jam, blues and world. He and his bandmates met at [...]

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Loss, Songwriting and the Blues–Brian Young (Ep 183)

Blues guitarist, singer-songwriter Brian Young is a member of the Unstarving Musician community–the list. A while back, he reached out to check in with me. I’m always asking the community and you listeners how you’re doing. Like Ezra said last episode, music is a collaborative experience [...]

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Keeping Your Side of the Street Clean–Ezra Vancil (Ep 182)

Ezra Vancil joins me for his second feature on the podcast. I first spoke with him back in March of 2018 for episode 42 of the Unstarving Musician. Listen to Ezra’s first appearance on the podcast This conversation was sparked by an email exchange we had [...]

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The Art of Collaboration–Otto (Ep 181)

Singer, songwriter and producer Otto just released the new single Tell Me Something, produced by Dave Stewart. If that last name sounds familiar it might be because you know Stewart’s work with the Eurythmics or another of his high profile projects. Otto is based in Wales, but [...]

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A Musician with Over 800 Tracks on Kompoz–Peter Rand (Ep 177)

This is the face of a man who has created over 800 tracks with Kompoz, Peter Rand. Peter Rand is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who I met on the collaboration platform Kompoz. You may have noticed my recent obsession with collaboration apps as of [...]

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The Future of Music Collaboration

Music collaboration apps and articles included in a piece I published on Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay This week I published an article on about Music Collaboration. I've been all fired up about this topic as of late. I'm finding it to be a fascinating world. [...]

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