277 Sam J Garfield – His New Song “Monsters,” Getting Started as a Sound Engineer, and How to he Attracts Opportunity

My guest is singer, songwriter, producer Sam J Garfield. He has a new self-produced single out called "Monster." Sam is an actor turned sound engineer and music producer. He's now leaning into songwriting and releasing his own music. Sam is taking a break from a very [...]

2023-09-01T07:43:35-05:00September 1st, 2023|Creativity, Marketing, Podcast|

276 JJ Lovegrove – A New Album with Minus Cube, a Forthcoming Complimentary Film, Identifying as a Performer, Fighting the Spotify Algorithm, and Deep Connections on Twitter

JJ Lovegrove refers to herself as the dark dream pop sidekick to Minus Cube. The Nottingham, England-based songwriter has a new collaboration with Minus Cube, which dropped very recently. You can check it out on Bandcamp and other music platforms. The new album is titled "The Lines [...]

2023-08-24T21:00:50-05:00August 25th, 2023|Creativity, Performing, Podcast|

275 Worth Weaver – Embracing EMO, the Heaviness of alltheprettythings, Learning the Studio, Changes in Recording Technology, and the Hard Work of Social Media

Worth Weaver is a guitarist for the Wilmington, North Carolina-based rock band alltheprettythings. Worth is also a producer and an experienced touring guitarist, working with the bands He Is Legend and Thousand Foot Krutch. He loves music and he loves music production. He in fact lives [...]

2023-08-17T17:54:08-05:00August 18th, 2023|Creativity, Marketing, Podcast|

274 David Lane – Discovering Music Composition, Collaboration, Teaching, and Podcasting

David Lane teaches piano, composition, and music theory. He's composed over 100 concert works, and several films, and has been the arranger for several dozen works. David is scheduled to serve as Vice President of the Winston-Salem Piano Teachers Association starting in the summer of 2023 and [...]

2023-08-10T15:24:37-05:00August 11th, 2023|Creativity, Income, Podcast|

273 Minus Cube – Capturing Recording Studio Processes, Maintaining the Joy of Making Music, Ongoing Journey of Learning Production, Recording Studio Setup, Collaborating with JJ Lovegrove

Minus Cube is a songwriter and studio engineer. He's had a busy year in 2023 mixing and producing five singles and an album. Much of that work was in collaboration with friend and fellow music artist JJ Lovegrove. Minus Cube and I had a long and [...]

2023-08-03T19:57:15-05:00August 4th, 2023|Creativity, Podcast|

271 Brian Wolff – New EP “The Golden Age,” The Value of Open Mics, Social Marketing, Mental Health Awareness, Economics of Music Tours, Songwriter Rounds, EPs or Albums

Brian Wolff is a five-time guest of The Unstarving Musician podcast. Brian has also appeared in episodes 55, 119, 192, and 197. His band, Brian Wolff & The Howlers, has a new EP called The Golden Age. Wolff and his band draw on influences from classic rock, 90’s alternative, [...]

2023-07-20T15:31:39-05:00July 21st, 2023|Creativity, Marketing, Podcast|
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