Cranston Dean – Songwriting Influence From Small Town Life And Jazz, Recording “Northern Town,” Getting Started In Songwriting, The Value Of Open Mic Performance, Big Studio Lessons Applied To Home Recording #265

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cranston Dean is my guest for this episode. Cranston is a New Jersey native whose music draws from Americana, folk, jazz, country, blues, pop, and soul. He sees songwriting and performing as a way to translate and transform the human condition into beautiful [...]

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Julieta Heredia – Fin Del Mundo, A YouTube Performance That’s Changing Everything, The Evolution Of Live Shows, The Message In Their Music, And The Writing Process #264

Julieta Heredia is a founding member and guitarist of Fin del Mundo. The band is from Buenos Aires, with roots in the southernmost region of Patagonia. The music of Fin del Mundo uses melodies, lyrics, and instrumental passages to combine indie sounds with nuances of emotional [...]

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Krosst Out – A Changing Approach To Music, Unconventional Release Strategy, A Collaboration Wishlist, Songwriting Introspection, Tour Plans #263

My guest in this episode is alternative/nu-punk artist Krosst Out. His latest song, This The New Shit, drops on May 12th, 2023. The single is the first of many to come from rap-rocker Krosst Out with the announcement of his forthcoming album I Had A Dream I Didn’t Have Eyes. [...]

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David Pedrick – The Working Musician Podcast, Balance Between Creative Vision And Career Demands, Financial Reasons To Control Publishing, The Beatles, And Rush #262

Guitarist, composer, and recording artist David Pedrick has earned accolades from critics and audiences alike for his work in recording and performance. David has played and recorded jazz, classical, rock, ambient, and more. His live performance credits also run the gamut from jazz clubs to concert halls. [...]

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Keldamuzik – Oakland’s Hip Hop Scene, Child Acting, Merch, Modeling, Sync Placements, Content Strategy, Building A Press Portfolio, And Kelda’s Social Media Jam #261

Kelda Williams is known professionally as Keldamuzik (aka Diva). She is an American music artist, actress, TV host, and producer. Born in the Bay Area of California, she is known for her hit singles Queen for A Night and Thirsty. Both songs are on her 4th studio album, Diva TV (2010). [...]

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John Templeman – Music Roots In Ohio, Touring Post Pandemic, Favorite Music News Sources, Concert Ticket Prices, Change Driven Marketing, Artist Contributions To Their Own Success, Jib Machine Records #260

My guest for this episode is John Templeman of Jib Machine Records. His label focuses mainly on rock but started as a punk label and has featured metal acts. John is a multi-instrumentalist musician and includes some of his work among the Jib Machine roster. John [...]

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