David Pedrick – The Working Musician Podcast, Balance Between Creative Vision And Career Demands, Financial Reasons To Control Publishing, The Beatles, And Rush #262

Guitarist, composer, and recording artist David Pedrick has earned accolades from critics and audiences alike for his work in recording and performance. David has played and recorded jazz, classical, rock, ambient, and more. His live performance credits also run the gamut from jazz clubs to concert halls. [...]

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John Templeman – Music Roots In Ohio, Touring Post Pandemic, Favorite Music News Sources, Concert Ticket Prices, Change Driven Marketing, Artist Contributions To Their Own Success, Jib Machine Records #260

My guest for this episode is John Templeman of Jib Machine Records. His label focuses mainly on rock but started as a punk label and has featured metal acts. John is a multi-instrumentalist musician and includes some of his work among the Jib Machine roster. John [...]

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Zack O’Malley Greenburg (Rewind)–The Relationship Between Indie Artists And Fans, Rise Of The Super Fan, NFTs, Lessons From Hip Hop, And The Rising Significance Of Intellectual Property Ep (258)

"Musicians aren’t just ahead of the curve when it comes to NFTs—they’ve served as canaries in the coal mine of modern business for half a century." –Zack O’Malley Greenburg This rewind episode features author and music journalist Zack O’Malley Greenburg. What is a rewind [...]

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Joshua Van Ness – Marketing A New Release, Endorsements, The Wag’s Mixed Business Model, Merchandising, And Social Marketing (Ep 257)

Joshua Van Ness first appeared on the Unstarving Musician in episode 134. He is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer and native of New Jersey. Joshua has performed with many bands and as a solo artist, but for the last eight years he has been a member [...]

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Drew Ryder Smith – Website Platforms, Nashville, Texas Ties, Growing Up In Tennessee, Pneumonia, Songwriting Vocationally, Touring, Recording, The Origins Of Robonzo, And Legendary Drummers (Ep 251)

When not in the studio or playing on the road, Drew Ryder Smith can be found in Nashville or New York City – usually hanging out with any dog he sees. My guest for this episode is a country singer-songwriter, Drew Ryder Smith. He [...]

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Forward, The Unstarving Musician’s Guide To Getting Paid Gigs (2nd ed.)

Image by @wendywei on Pexels.com A good friend of mine used to have a bug up his arse (maybe still does) about part-time musicians. He has spent a good deal of time extolling the virtues of being a full-time musician and disparaging part-time musicians. I don’t take this [...]

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