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This episode is another installment of the Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs: How to Get Booked and Paid What You’re Worth Over and Over Again.

As I work on the second edition of The Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs: How to Get Booked and Paid What You’re Worth Over and Over Again, I’m continuing to release the audio of the first edition. If you want to get a copy of the second edition as soon as it’s out, make sure to join the Unstarving Musician’s Community.

This chapter talks a lot about subbing and to make yourself an in-demand musician. While it very much depends on live music, which is a challenge during COVID-19, I want you to think about these strategies as they apply to the future.

If you think creatively you can apply the principles to live streaming, collaborating with venues and other artists, and subbing may even become the norm of the future.

Episode Highlights

We start by talking about putting the word out to your inner circle (07:48) and go on to discuss:

  • (08:55) Sample ads to land subbing gigs
  • (11:00) Managing your busier than ever schedule
  • (14:00) Tracking your Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • (17:50) Creating demand through networking


“Pro tip. Never, never audition for anyone who won’t provide a demo, otherwise you’re liable to find yourself in an awkward position with a group of beginners hoping that they’ll let you off the hook.”
–Roberto R Hernandez

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