This short episode is a holiday message to all my my indie music artist friends, fans of live music, friends and family of Unstarving Musician’s Podcast guests. It’s also a way for me to take the week off in observance of Thanksgiving. I got permission from music performance coach Vicki Ambinder, who I interviewed this week. She’s a coach, and that’s what she does sometimes (gives permission). You’ll hear her in an upcoming episode.

My gratitude and appreciation goes out to:

Everyone who has contributed to the podcast
Thanks and appreciation to my guests, editor, former band mates, members of the Unstarving Musician community, mastermind pals, and my loving wife.

Everyone who has expressed interest in contributing
And thanks all those who have reached out to me with interest in contributing. Even if we’ve not yet made it happen, you’re part of what keeps me going.

The listener community
The podcast wouldn’t mean nothing without you. You are the reason I do it week after week.

The level of my gratitude for all of you is truly more than words can express.

Now is the time for holiday music

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, you can officially listen to holiday music, right? Maybe you’d enjoy The Unstarving Musician’s Christmas Mix playlist on Spotify.

Happy holidays!



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