Teaching Music Production Online | Liz CirelliToday we welcome back producer, singer, songwriter, educator and wellness practitioner, Liz Cirelli. When we first spoke, Liz was very much in a growth phase, and now she’s got some exciting projects on the go, including the launch of The Cirelli School of Music.

I wanted to have her back so that we could talk about the team Liz has surrounded herself with to accomplish her goals, how she is using her skills in multiple areas, what music production looks like during COVID-19—to top it off Liz lives in Italy at the heart of this pandemic.

Episode Highlights

We start by talking about an update on the Art is Dead original soundtrack project (05:48) and go on to discuss:

  • (10:32) Her recent collection of remixes
  • (16:00) New work with Minski
  • (27:40) Developing online communities on Patreon and FB
  • (33:00) The Cirelli School of Music
  • (44:00) What she will or won’t be doing differently because of COVID-19


“Dance music for me is not just something that I listen to. It’s part of my soul and it really felt that way when I was working on the remix. It felt nourishing.”
—Liz Cirelli

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