Sylvia Rose Novak sitting in front of her amp, a bass guitar and American flag

Sylvia Rose Novak is moving from folk to rock and toward a harder rock sound with a bit of punk sensibility, but she’s open to revisiting her roots.

Sylvia Rose Novak joins me for a round-two conversation from the great outdoors of Alabama. There are lots of birds and nature sounds in the background, which I think add to the experience of our chat. We recorded back in November of last year 2020. I asked about her then latest release Bad Luck, but she was hard at work on her next release. We talk about the forthcoming album too.

In this conversation, Sylvia and I talk about her departure from folk to rock and her push toward a harder rock sound. She also shares her personal experience living with ADHD and bipolar disorder. I ask her about her many tattoos, how she gets out of her own head, and why she thinks some musicians struggle to get the gigs that they really want.

Sylvia told me her forthcoming album has a punk rock sensibility. While that may be an oxymoron, I totally get it. The Unstarving Musician is all about independent music and doing what we love as musicians; so do your thing Sylvia Rose and have fun doing it. I hope to one day see Sylvia and her band play live.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sylvia Rose Novak.

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