Do The Hard Thing First | David Andrew WiebeDavid Andrew Wiebe is not only a singer-songwriter, but also a music educator. He’s found a way to grow his music career and the business of his music through a project he calls Music Entrepreneur HQ. The website and podcast dedicated to this project provide resources and information for independent musicians.

His goal is to help musicians with booking better shows, music sales and streaming, digital marketing, licensing, placement, and making a better income. We talk about all of this, and how he weaves his own music into the picture, his personal experience with mastermind groups, personal development programs, and a whole lot more.

Episode Highlights

We start by talking about David’s experience running a mastermind and go on to discuss:

  • His approach to providing education for the entrepreneurial musician
  • What musicians should spend their time on
  • Staying creative
  • Aiming for single channel communication
  • Personal development for musicians

Key Points

  • Focus on your strengths and what matters most to you.
  • Above all, make good music.
  • Do the hard things first.


“I’ve spent a lot of time creating things that I wanted to create, instead of investing significant resources into marketing it, getting the right landing page, the right colours and all that. Nothing wrong with that if that’s your passion – I need those people – but I create what I want to create.”
—David Andrew Wiebe

“You know that thing that you’ve been putting off? The thing you’ve been meaning to do? The thing that’s giving you a pang in your gut? Yeah. Go and do that. The things that you’re often not doing, once you get them out of the way you’re free to enjoy your day.”
—David Andrew Wiebe

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