Singer songwriter Tom Meny considers himself an ambassador for house concerts. He says they’re his bread and butter these days. He’s so into them that he has a podcast episode devoted to the topic. Among his most recommended resources on the subject is this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, featuring an interview with house concert expert Shannon Curtis. His other most recommended resource on the topic is this book by Shannon Curtis.

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Recommendations for breaking into the house concert scene

Tom admits that it can be hard to get into the house concert scene, but offers a couple of important recommendations. One is to get involved in regional folk festivals and conferences and apply for their showcases. Another is to have a friend host a show. He’s quick to add that you should get familiar with house concert guidelines, and elaborates on why during our conversation.

Live acoustic performances by John Mayer were among Tom’s earliest influences. Although he got his start posting videos on YouTube, Tom credits his entire existence in the Austin music scene to fellow singer songwriter Ray Prim. He hasn’t always been into folk and Americana, but is now a regular attendee and regular performer at the Kerville Music Festival and Folk Alliance conferences. There’s a connection between these events and the house concert scene, which explains why they’ve become a regular part of Tom’s marketing routine.

Other topics we discuss include merchandising, digital distribution, selling albums on USB (and maybe USB-C someday soon), and how Spotify could make it easier for fans to support their favorite artists. We also share social media etiquette tips for music fans. Hint: If you can’t make it to Tom’s next show, just click “Interested.”

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