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The title of this episode is Why do I need a musician website? This is a question I hear in my head anytime I encounter musicians who don’t have a website. These same musicians and bands typically use social media as their only means of online presence and marketing. Sometimes they have an email list, other times not.

The topics covering the reasons you need a website, actually applies to any business or entrepreneurial venture. They also apply to just about any thematic idea or concept that you share exclusively on social media. More on that momentarily.

As a side note, I’ll use the words ‘musician’ and ‘band’ interchangeably, as this applies to both.

I’d like to acknowledge Bandzoogle and their blog article 10 reasons why you need a website. This well written article covers all of the important points I share in this episode.

A music website tells industry professionals that you take your music seriously. These industry professionals include venues, PR agencies, labels, talent buyers, media outlets, and fans. Your music website is also a space that you own and control, unlike social media platforms where you (we) are the product.

Have you ever heard stories about people running a business or community exclusively on a popular
social media platform, only to have the whole thing dismantled by algorithm changes? I have. I’ve sadly heard more than one of these stories.

You own the experience with a musician or band website, because you create and completely control the content therin. Everything about you is in one place, which makes it easy for industry pros and fans to help promote your music. Your website also helps music pros and supporters understand who you are as a musician.

A website enables you to create a unique brand that will showcase your vibe and personality, and it’s significantly more permanent than anything you can possibly do on social media.

As I recorded this episode, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are great platforms to promote your band and your music, but they are all subject you to changes in algorithms and even buy-outs that can have a devastating impact on your music endeavors. Owning a musician website means that you aren’t at the mercy of paid posts or low organic reach. You can direct anybody to your website at any time. Remmeber–not everyone uses social media, but will be able to see and interact with your website.

A website can be designed in any way you can imagine. This means you can show your band’s unique personality, without the confines of a feed or a restricted number of characters.

A musician website can be based on your latest album artwork, or set to a visual tone that reflects the vibe of your  music. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. And you can get as personal as you would on social media with blog posts, photos and exclusive offers. Compelling content that shows off your music is the reason fans will keep returning.

You can also use your website to sell music and merch (merchandise) directly to fans. As you begin to build or grow your fanbase, you can and should include merch and music to your website. I recommendn that you also include an EPK (electronic press kit) on your website.  Count on booking agents and promoters will check out your website before booking you for a show. Use this to your advantage by showcasing your best work and including your most recent music and videos in an EPK on your website. You can also use an EPK to garner press for an upcoming release or for radio station outreach.

A musician website is great for organic SEO (search engine optimization). You can do a number of things that will make your website search friendly, and much of this is what I consider low-hanging fruit. That’s the easy stuff that just about anyone can do, such as adding text that mentions your artist/band name and your latest music, and choosing a custom domain based on your band name.

Google and other popular search engines will match your band keywords (album titles, tracks, band members, etc) to your website, which makes your site search friendly. Having your music website come up in top search results gives it more authority than a social media account.

A musician website is also one of the best vehicles for building your email list, and reaching fans by email is still one of the best ways to create direct-to-fan connections. You can offer a free track download in exchange for an email address to build momentum with your list. Keeping in touch regularly by email is also an excellent way to promote upcoming releases, tour dates, crowdfunding campaigns, new videos and more.

A website allows you to gain insight into fan data. Go as deep as your heart desires with website metrics, so that you can tailor your marketing efforts. There are third party tools abound for this.

You truly do have complete control with a website, where the exact opposite is true with social media. Your website is your very own online hub for posting and curating content. Create a website that personifies your sound and speaks to your audience. You can also use your website to create real relationships with your fans and take them along the journey as you release your next single single, showcase your next music video, or announce upcoming performances and tours.

If you’re serious about your music, you’ll want to invest in a website. It truly can be a one-stop shop on the web for your music, bio, merch, press kit and more. A website will boost your professionalism with music industry pros and fans, all within your own unique design.

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