Daniel Stidham, Raid the Quarry, Album Release Strategy, Temporary Cemetary, Ghost TownIn this episode I talk with Daniel Stidham of Raid the Quarry who shares his insights for album release strategy.  We also discuss his thoughts on the business of making money as a band. Daniel’s Raleigh North Carolina based band has just released their first full length album, Temporary Cemetery which we preview.

Episode Highlights

The episode begins with Daniel Stidham discussing the launch of Raid the Quarry’s new album Temporary Cemetery. Our conversation continues with his thoughts on:

  • Strategies for releasing a full album vs. an EP series
  • The story behind the track “Ghost Town”
  • The differences in promoting a second album compared to the first
  • How members of Raid the Quarry collaborate to create songs
  • Developing confidence in your own work, while being open to feedback and balancing the advice of others
  • Competing for listeners’ time and attention amidst changing music trends
  • Strategic planning for expanding their audience
  • The business of making money as a band

3 Key Takeaways

  • Everyone brings different skills to the table, we should learn to harness those skills.
  • Have confidence in your work and be open to feedback.
  • It’s okay to be a weekend warrior, as part of that learn, develop, and grow.

“More than anything it takes confidence. You’ve got to be able to put something forth that’s not fully formed and not be afraid of having it shot down.” – Daniel Stidham


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