Mira Goto, Country Singer Songwriter, Recording King ArtistCountry singer songwriter Mira Goto first appeared on this podcast for episode 12 back in mid-August of 2017. I invited her back for a progress update of sorts, and she’s been very busy since our last conversation. She has a new album coming out, a new single called Crazy Cat Lady, and a new video on the way. Like I said, she’s been very busy.

Mira’s new single Crazy Cat Lady is on Apple Music 

The first time I listened to Mira’s new single Crazy Cat Lady, I got sucked in to the story. Granted I’m a cat person, but it was only a preview of the song. During our chat, she eluded to the emotional peaks of the song, so I was prepared. My wife on the other hand almost started crying when she heard it. Yup… if you’re an animal person, and especially if you’re a cat person, consider yourself warned. All that said, it’s a beautiful track.

I’m recommending that my indie artist listeners pay close attention to what Mira’s doing on social, especially on Twitter and Periscope–@miragoto. Get to know her, perhaps by merely listening to our conversation, and you get a glimpse into the how she’s managing her music career and the special ways she’s building a loyal following. All this, while writing music most days, managing her own marketing affairs, and commuting back and forth between Nashville and Santa Cruz California.

Mira and I hit on a number of helpful topics including sponsors, endorsements, co-writing appointments, the importance of having professional photography, Periscope and YouTube. She also shares valuable insights on building a loyal fan base, how she’s learning social media for music professionals, and how attending NAMM has turned into a big boost for her brand.

In spite of being so very busy, Mira’s been ultra focused on building relationships that matter. These are predominately relationships with her her tribe, which she affectionately calls her Llarmy. She loves llamas. Get it?

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