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I had a chance last week to catch up with Mira Goto, a friend who recently made a daring move from her hometown of Santa Cruz California to Nashville, in order to surround herself with other songwriters and likeminded music professionals. She’s doing and learning all kinds of things in the process, all in the DIY spirit of making it happen.

Mira is a country singer songwriter with whom I became acquainted whilst gigging around the South San Francisco Bay Area in 2014. At our first gig, I was taken aback by her guitar playing and voice; and that was during soundcheck. She’s the whole package from musicianship to good looks and charm, and I have high hopes for her in the highly competitive landscape of Nashville’s country music scene.

She’s a lifelong singer songwriter who has wanted to be in Nashville for as long as she can remember, and recently decided it was now or never. Her move started with visits, then work songwriting workshops, then renting a room, and ultimately buying a home, all over the period of six months. She knew absolutely no one upon landing in Nashville, but a songwriters workshop changed everything. Before long, she was performing live and meeting future collaborators.

We talk about networking, being liked (or not), professionalism, community, and gaining peer support. We also talk about her encounter with a nest of brown recluse spiders, building a tribe on Periscope, becoming a publisher, her passion for storytelling, and country music’s gender gap.

Please enjoy our conversation, and if you do enjoy it, share it with a friend, subscribe to this podcast and/or leave a review. :)

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