Brooksie Wells, holding acoustic guitar, smiling, wearing demin jacket

Brooksie Wells is clearly not done with music yet. She’s in the midst of a 3rd act, with the release of her latest album ‘Stops Time.’

Brooksie Wells is amplifying female voices over 50, including her own. She and I met in a thing called Music Marketing Method.

I’ve mentioned Music Marketing Method on the podcast before. It’s a program designed to help musicians find our fan base, grow our audience and make a consistent income with our creativity.

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Brooksie has had a rich music career. She has a new release called Stops Time, which you can find on all the popular digital platforms. Her first big break came when she was signed by a big name with Warner Chappell at the tender age of 19. That big name was Bobby Darin. Unfortunately Darin died before Brooksie’s career had any momentum. Darin’s passing left Brooksie without a sponsor and thus her big break came to a sudden end. This did not stop Brooksie from continued work in music. She took a detour into the world of children’s music and then into raising a family. She eventually returned to the world of adult pop music starting a new chapter in her career.

In this episode we talk about her early days in music, managing tough circumstance, how she’s adapting to the ever changing music business and where she plans to move next.

Brooksie refers to herself as a little old lady, but she has as much drive as any young artist I’ve spoken with on the podcast. She has a wealth of experience and a big personality on her side. These character traits along with acting as co-host for a podcast called She’s Not Done Yet are helping Brooksie amplify voices of over 50, including her own.

You can find Brooksie’s work at This was a really fun conversation. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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