Lynz Crichton, UK Singer Songwriter, Acoustic Folk AlternativeBritish singer songwriter Lynz Crichton has been busy working on a new EP, and the project has two noteworthy facets.

One–Lynz gave herself a 90-day deadline for songwriting and recording the demos.

Two–She collaborated with her fan base to get feedback on song ideas and input on which songs to feature on the new EP.

The 90-day deadline for songwriting

I was particularly interested in the 90-day deadline for songwriting and demoing. Deadlines aren’t novel by any means, but our conversation reminded me that many songwriters I know appear to struggle with the actual business of creating (i.e. songwriting). What better way to get into the creative process than to challenge herself with a 90-day deadline. Lynz tells me that she plans to do a similar 90-day thing for the recording and mixing of the final tracks.

All the things indie artists must do sometimes “takeover.”

Her 90-day deadline approach was born of necessity. Lynz is not only an indie music artist–she’s also a mother of two. She says life and all the things indie artists must do sometimes “takeover.” If you’re an indie music artist, this is an approach worth considering.

“Musicians should put fans first. As an indie artist, it’s possible to give fans close access.”

Lynz started the fan collaboration process by simply asking for their help and involvement. This was all possible because she’s built a healthy email list and Twitter following. Asking fans to vote on which songs to include on the EP was brilliant in my opinion. This whole affair of fan collaboration also inspired her to create two versions of the EP, one with guitar and vocals only, and a second with additional instrumentation. She best expresses the method to her madness in telling me, “Musicians should put fans first. As an indie artist, it’s possible to give fans close access.” In this particular case Lynz genuinely wanted to find out what her fans are into, and to involve them in the creative process. She adds that it was also a great way to “keep the conversation going.”

Lynz also does work writing personalized songs. Fans commission Lynz to write these personalized songs, and it’s apparently become a regular thing for her. It’s also something she actively offers fans. She describes personalized songs as a piece of history in time, and a way for fans to honor their close friends or loved ones. This is a great example of the many ways in which indie artists can make money.

Continuing our discussion on the different ways indie artists can make money, I asked Lynz about her experience with performing alternative or less common venues. Among those less common venues are open markets, foodie events, craft fairs, and toddler festivals. I’ve also discussed lesser known venue opportunities with Bree Noble in episode 17, and continue to discuss this theme with other artists. Apparently there’s no end to these new opportunities, where organizations and event planners are looking for music and music programs–and they have budgets!

Our conversation in this podcast episode indirectly offered lessons to songwriting procrastinators and looking at income opportunities more creatively. I hope you’ll take the inspiration to heart. Life is passing by, and we await your next compositions.

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