Bree Noble, Indie artist, songwriter, Founder Women of Substance Radio & Podcast, and Female Entrepreneur Musician

Bree Noble and I were introduced to one another by super-connector D Grant Smith of Appetizer Radio Show, who is featured in episode 5 of this podcast. Man am I thankful for the introduction.

The phrase “value bombs” comes to mind when describing this episode, because Bree is a value bomber. She’s also an advocate for female music entrepreneurs.

Following an indie career filled with life lessons, Bree founded Women of Substance Radio, The Women of Substance Podcast and a platform she calls Female Entrepreneur Musicians, all focused on, you guessed it, female music entrepreneurs. In spite of primarily catering to women, she did allow me to sneak into one of her online courses recently. She assumed I was doing research for this interview–I was. The content was Facebook Ads training, which she did via Facebook Live. She’s definitely hip to social.

There’s a twist of irony in her story. Bree had a point in her music journey where she wanted to go pro, but felt she hadn’t a clue as to how to make it happen. She fell back on her business education, went about a career in accounting and finance, joined a few bands in her spare time, and hit a wall (musically). In frustration, she started her own band. Then one day, it dawned on her that she needed to treat her music like a business. This is, I suspect, the pivotal moment that lead her to her present day work.

In our conversation, we talk about that pivotal moment, her radio station, podcasts (plural), podcasting, house concerts, doing your thing as an indie artist with or without a band, business, marketing, performance venues uniquely for women, and much more.

Show Notes

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