Podcast Startup

A course by The Unstarving Musician

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Photo by FOTEROS from Pexels | @foterosrd on Instagram

A journalist friend of mine recently asked for help with a new podcast that she was pitching her company, and I jumped at the chance. Then I got to thinking, “Shouldn’t I offer help to fellow creators and musicians I know through The Unstarving Musician?” The answer was of course yes.

Podcast Startup is a course I’ve designed to give you the know-how, tools and resources needed to create, launch, market and grow a sustainable podcast.

Do you have ideas, products or services you’d like to get out to the world?

Are you dying to share a passion topic with a niche audience?

Would you like to share your expertise and/or the expertise others?

Believe it or not, podcasts are still a growing medium. And while it’s easier than ever to start one, you’ll put yourself at a huge advantage by doing your homework, planning and maybe taking a course like this one. The bottom line is you should know what you’re getting into, so that you can make the most of your podcast creation.

I can help!

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