Justin Paul, DJ Music And Culture – Musician, DJ, Music Educator and Consultant – Breaking down the history and evolution of DJ music and culture

Justin Paul breaks down the history and evolution of DJ music and culture in this episode. He is a friend and business partner of producer musician David Franz, who was featured in episode 203 of The Unstarving Musician.

Justin himself is an educator and consultant in the music space. He’s worked in A&R, music production, television and as a performing DJ. I asked him a number of questions about the DJ world, confessing that I know little about  it. What he shared was an insightful look at the history and evolution of DJ music and culture. Justin also talks about his particular brand and style of music and why he fell in love with the DJ world. He restored my faith in musicianship by sharing that he prefers to include live instrumentation in his music.

There’s an Easter egg segment at the end of the episode, after all the credits and signing off. Hope you’ll stick around for that too. Please  enjoy this conversation with me and Justin Paul.

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