My guest is Tara Simon, acclaimed vocalist and creator of Tara Simon Studios. In our pre-interview conversation I learned that Tara is really into analytics, and she should be–she’s doing really well on YouTube!

She wanted to be a singer, win a Grammy, and tour the world. Tara accomplished a lot along the way, including being recognized as a top finalist on the second season of the X Factor, and scoring the role of Serena Katz in a broadway audition for Fame.

We talk about life events that pushed Tara to change course. She is a woman with high standards for her business. Fans of her music won’t be left behind. Tara says she has recorded work of her own in the pipeline.

Episode Highlights

We start by talking about a student named Peter who changed her life (06:01) and go on to discuss:

  • (11:52) Her YouTube channel and their goal to under promise, over deliver
  • (18:05) How she selects coaches for her team
  • (28:44) Brick and mortar vs. online teaching
  • (31:42) Her approach to online courses
  • (39:00) Future plans for recording her own music


“The word ‘no’ should be fuel, not a deterrent.”
—Tara Simon

“The magic pairing [for a coach] is immense talent and immense compassion. Does it tick all your boxes, just as much as it does on stage, to help someone else?”
—Tara Simon

“Singing has nothing to do with the singer at all; it has everything to do with the audience.”
—Tara Simon

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