Jennifer Vazquez, Rediscovering Me, Pop, folk & soul with hints of country, Photo by Miliman12 Photography |

Singer songwriter Jennifer Vazquez came to me out of the blue, the blue canvas of Twitter. I was checking my alerts, glancing at the feed and there she was, promoting her latest album Rediscovering Me.

Jennifer grew up in and around the Bronx of NY. She has spent a good deal of time in LA, but now calls Nashville home. Before we even spoke, I got a sense that Jennifer has a mindset built on giving and a belief in abundance. It’s true, and you’ll hear it in the stories she tells.

Here are a few of the interesting things we discuss.

  • How a super fan helped her tour Sweden and England
  • How (and why) she killed and then revived her solo artist persona
  • What improving as a songwriter means to Jennifer
  • What she learned at the recent Music Biz Conference in Nashville

Jennifer is all about investing in herself, facing fears, giving back and recognizing opportunity. She has a lot to offer musicians, songwriters and music fans.  She said at one point in our conversation, “When you feel like you can’t, that’s exactly when you should.” This typifies her view on facing our fears.

Jennifer’s album Rediscovering Me features a track called I Believe, which can be heard at the end of this episode. Enjoy.

Shelby Park (Site of Jennifer’s encounter with a turtle)
Matt Farnsworth Voice Studio
Joan Osborne
Music Biz Conference 2018
Color Your Way to Calm
Musicians on Call
Miliman12 Photography


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