Musician Lara Price, Networking, jams, I Mean Business, getting gigs, acoustic performances, music education, working with record labelsIn this episode Lara Price and I discuss the hosting jams, why jams make you a better musician and why they help you get gigs. We also talk about how acoustic performances are great for otherwise electric only bands and artists, how music education helped her develop a common language among musicians, and what it means to work with the right label. Lara also shares networking advice for the shy musicians among us and a few great marketing tips and reminders.

Lara also shares networking advice for the shy musicians among us and a few great marketing tips and reminders.

This is the third installment of my new Rewind episodes, in which I revisit past conversations for a deeper dive into the tips, hacks and insights they offered.

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Blues Jams and Acoustic Performance

Lara and I met around 2001 at a blues jam she was running at JJ’s Blues (now known as JJ’s Lounge) in San Jose, California. She says there was a lot of learning going on at that moment in time, as she was using the jam to get her own band ready to do shows. Lara wholeheartedly believes jam sessions make us better musicians.

This is such a Timely topic for me, having recently moved to a new city in a new country and finding myself starting over. Lara made some very helpful points about jams and networking. She also offers advice for running a jam and for attending jams, adding that running one can be difficult if you’re not organized. I was reminded that setting jammers up to win, while entertaining the regulars is super important.

Lara points out that jams can be extremely helpful in getting gigs. When you’re around your own tribe, as you are at a jam, you can share your challenges, seek advice and get support. “It’s really all about the networking,” says Lara. Most of the musicians Lara works with to this day are lifelong friends she met at jams.

I asked Lara about her then new album I Mean Business, a project that began in peril, but ultimately delivered big wins and a memorable experience. Lara took advantage of what looked like a bad situation and sought out a producer in Kid Andersen of Greaseland Studio. Guess where they met? At a jam. Kid was the first producer she’d ever had and things couldn’t have gone better.

I also asked Lara why she thought that some musicians don’t venture into the world of acoustic performance. We continue with Lara’s reflection on her music education, her thoughts on working with labels, embracing accolades and the networking opportunities that come with them. Our discussion concludes with Lara’s tips on marketing and this memorable quote.

“Don’t let people say that you can’t do something… I mean, I’m a Vietnamese person singing blues.” –Lara Price.

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