Johnny Burgin smiling wearing light blue blazerThis is a rewind episode featuring blues guitarist Johnny Burgin. What is a rewind episode? It’s a previously published episode, one of my favorites, and one that I think merits re-publishing. I give these episodes a fresh edit, which means you will find it even more enjoyable from a listening perspective.

Johnny Burgin, the coast-to-coast (intercontinental) Chicago blues man, first appeared in episode 31 back in December of 2017. We performed a house concert on February 11 2020 at Tranquilo Retreat in Panama. He’s coming to Querétaro to perform the 9th annual Querétablues Festival, which you can find on Facebook @BluesFestQro. I have the honor of being part of his band for the festival. We’ll also do some private shows and one secret show while he’s here.

My conversation with Johnny was truly great. I’m so happy I re-listened to it for this special rewind edition. Johnny is the real deal where blues guitar is concerned. We discuss his history as a musician, and his philosophy on blues, music, and the stage. We also talk about some of his international tour adventures, relationships with blues players in Chicago, Silicon Valley, and around the world, Pinetop Perkins, the Chicago Blues Festival, and more.

Find Johnny’s upcoming tour dates and music at Please enjoy this rewind conversation with Johnny Burgin.

Transcript not yet available. Please check back.

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