Greg Wilnau, Branding Your Music, Monster Musician Poodcast, MonsterMusician.comGreg Wilnau, host of the Musician Monster podcast, joins me this episode. We talk about the Musician Monster website, which is a treasure trove of free resources, branding your music and making more money as a performing artist.

Greg Wilnau has been on my radar for quite some time. He is a working drummer and musician mentor. He’s all about helping other musicians make it and in Greg’s eyes making it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with fame. He and I have a lot in common as you will hear, so I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Episode Highlights

We begin by talking about his experience at the DIY Musician Conference and go on to discuss:

  • The importance of mentors and how they affect your progression
  • His 5-step plan to becoming a self-sufficient career musician
  • His top suggestion to musicians wanting to make more money
  • How he got involved with the Profitable Musician Summit
  • Branding tips for musicians
  • How to overcome plateaus in your business
  • Collaborating with other musicians

3 Key Points

  1. Transform your thinking and you’ll transform your business.
  2. Focus on adding value. The money will come.
  3. Get out of task-mode and focus on the overarching goal.


“All the lessons that I learned becoming a musician (learning, practice, devotion and consistency), I applied those lessons to making money from my music. That’s what led me to making full-time income from my music. It was a mindset shift that changed everything.”
—Greg Wilnau, Musician Monster

“The best way to stand out online is to reflect who you are in person to the designs and branding you put out there.”
—Greg Wilnau, Musician Monster

“Any plateau I’ve overcome has only happened when I learned to think differently about the thing that was holding me back.”
—Greg Wilnau, Musician Monster

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