Lars Deutsch headshot on black backgoundLA-based producer Lars Deutsch recently released a whimsical album called “Boum Dans L’Espace.” He also created a series of short videos for the project, inspired by his appreciation for early sci-fi and the slightly out-of-tune.

Lars is a two-time Emmy winner whose bio reads like this:

“He went from heavy metal guitarist to singer, to songwriter, to a Masters in classical composition, to international performances of his classical works, to lecturing in composition and audio production to scoring three hundred films/commercials that have collected over one hundred awards.”

Lars’ commercial work has been featured in everything from Toyota ads to Stephen King’s “The Passenger.” You can also hear about his work and working with him in episode 216, featuring singer-songwriter Amiena.

Lars and I discuss his new release and video shorts, collecting sounds, retro sci-fi inspirations, the charm of slightly out of tune, the storytelling effect of weirdness & humor, using socials for fun rather than promotion, thoughts on AI in music, artist development, Dolby Atmos, and the biohacking perspective of thinking less.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lars Deutsch.

Transcript not yet available. Please check back.

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