Music Lesson Websites Update

This post originated in 2008, but received a refresh in April of 2017. Today, I'm glad to add another resource worthy of your time, especially if you're guitar shopping. A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Guitar Ray Beck, a contributor at Beginner Guitar HQ reached out to fill [...]

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John Waite Concert Review Part 4

…Continued from Part 3 The band came back on after this beautiful moment and the excitement was rising to a fever pitch as everyone wondered what he was going to pull out of his velvet sleeve next. As the opening notes to "Every Time I Think Of You" began, the [...]

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John Waite Concert Review Part 3

...Continued from Part 2 The audience was on their feet the entire time, dancing, screaming, singing along, loving every minute of a show that we'd all waited too long to see. "Imaginary Girl", one of my favorites and another off "When You Were Mine", was a treat to hear live. [...]

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John Waite Concert Review Part 2

...Continued from Part 1 A few new ones followed, including the single "If You Ever Get Lonely". Waite considers himself more of a lyricist than anything else and truly, his lyrics tug at the heartstrings. Wistful, romantic works that are reflective of what he calls his "dark, northern English soul", [...]

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John Waite Concert Review Part 1

The voice. Instantly recognizable and utterly undiminished by time, it is special and stunning to behold. Its power, quite staggering. His delivery always urgent, heartfelt. John Waite is, simply, a hell of a talent. He came to Santa Clara Sunday December 11th in support of his terrific new album, "Rough [...]

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John Waite Show at The Avalon

It's been over two weeks since John Waite and his band performed at The Avalon in Santa Clara, but I had to post a review series contributed by my favorite guest blogger, The Trivia Queen. While The Trivia Queen is a long time follower, this was my first time to [...]

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