Vinnie Colaiuta Drum Solo on Led Boots

Vinnie Colaiuta Here's a fantastic Vinnie Colaiuta drum solo video I recently found on, which features Colaiuta with Jeff Beck, Tal Wilkenfeld and Jason Rebello. I remember the first time I heard the original studio version of Led Boots with Jan Hammer. That was a great fusion of [...]

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Keith Richards’ ‘Life’

I've only begun reading 'Life,' Keith's autobiography / memoir, and have to admit that I was enthralled from the first chapter. I also have to admit to being enamored with the music of the Rolling Stones for many years. My fascination started when I was only eight years [...]

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Billy Idol Concert Review – Part 3

~ Review by Becky “The Trivia Queen” Thorvund (Part 2) The audience was a complete cross-section. There were Billy's contemporaries, us teenagers of the '80s, twenty-somethings, and teenagers and kids. It was exciting to see kids in Rancid hoodies rocking out and loving one of the original punk rockers. And [...]

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Billy Idol Concert Review – Part 2

~ Review by Becky “The Trivia Queen” Thorvund (Part 1) Billy introduced three new songs: "Love Is Strange", "Scarred For Life", and a very touching "Kings and Queens of the Underground", a nod to his career and a sort of love letter to his fans ("But if you're here tonight [...]

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