Robonzo's Bandzoogle websiteI’m a longtime WordPress user and designer. So why did I move my artist website to Bandzoogle?

Reason 1

First and in full disclosure, I’m a proud affiliate of Bandzoogle’s. As an independent podcast creator, I’m exploring different ways to fund the effort, so to speak, and affiliate relationships is one of them. However, before I align myself with any affiliate I prefer to try the product.

Reason 2

I’m tired of seeing musicians who are doing great things on many fronts, but who have a sh*tty website. As a podcast host, one the first things I look for in a guest prospect is that they have a solid website. Back to the fact that I’m an independent podcast producer and host, I need all the help I can get, so your website matters, as does your social presence, branding, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still figuring some of this stuff out too, but for the love of all things holy, set up a decent website!

I’m not religious by the way. I just love saying, “For the love of all things holy.

What do you think a PR or management company rep is going to think of your web presence if you lack a website, or have a really bad one? Nothing good, that’s what they’re going to think. If you’re social presence and branding is solid and your crazy talented, but you don’t have a website. Guess what they’re going to tell you?

Pardon the Interruption (Disclosure) 
The Bandzoogle links in this post are affiliate links. This means I make a small commission, at no extra charge to you, if you purchase using those links.
Thanks for your support!

Reason 3

The Unstarving Musician project was first introduced on, the domain of my artist website. Overtime that became a problem, for branding and other reasons. The answer was to host and separately. Bandzoogle just happened to come in the picture as I was getting ready to make the necessary changes for separate hosting.

Like I say in my promo read for Bandzoogle at the top of the latest episodes of the Unstarving Musician, putting my artist website on something other than WordPress was kind of a big deal for me. But I had to try it. I had to know if was easy to use, and if it was all the other things Bandzoogle claims. Conclusion? It’s pretty darn easy to use, and it’s loaded with features that will help you with elegant design, hosting, social, selling merch, music and tickets commission free, audience building, SEO, crowdfunding and more.

Get 15% off the first year of any Bandzoogle subscription by visiting and using the promo code “robonzo.”

I’d love for you to use Bandzoogle, but the platform of your choice is not as important as getting started.  Your artist or band website doesn’t have to be complex. It needs images, video and audio clips, a bio and/or EPK. Your artist website should also feature your performance calendar, contact information, your social media links, and any music you have for sale. That’s not a terribly long list, and it’s not an all or nothing thing. Build it as gradually as you need to. Just build it.