I’ve thought recently that it would be great to share some knowledge on marketing and promoting a local band. With such an endeavor, I’m struck by the thought that there’s so much to know. While I consider myself to be pretty savvy at marketing a band at he local level, and meet many other local musicians who haven’t a clue, it’s clear that there’s a great deal that I could stand to learn. With this in mind, I thought this a great place to start, knowing that a vast amount of research lay ahead.

So, where to start. I’ve played during times when we had little more than black & white flyers and email, and find myself still playing, but now surrounded by a wealth of social media tools and relatively easy to create high-quality print collateral and recordings. In the posts that follow, I’ll look to shed some tricks that I’ve picked up and share new ideas that I’m likely to discover. In my next post, I’ll touch on email marketing.