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Patience and Persistence are a Musician’s Friend

My impatience as a musician As a gigging musician, I’ve often been challenged by my own sense of impatience. My impatience as a musician has stemmed from frustration with band mates, venue owners and/or myself. Impatience combined with emotion-based decision making can, and most often will, lead to problems. Before [...]

2016-09-21T06:48:22-05:00March 2nd, 2016|Creativity|

Understanding the Landscape of Local Music Venues

Understanding the Landscape of Local Music Venues In order to get regular paid gigs, it’s helpful to understand the venue landscape. Here I’m going to talk about the venue landscape in my area, and then spend a little time on the bigger landscape for those of you who travel for [...]

2016-09-21T06:49:31-05:00January 19th, 2016|Creativity|

Subbing for Other Musicians

Subbing for Other Musicians As I’ve already mentioned, I’m thankful for bands that need a sub now and then. On the flip side, I also stated that bringing subs into a bands performing line up too often can hinder good branding. On the upside, subbing as a musician is a [...]

2016-09-21T06:50:16-05:00January 7th, 2016|Creativity|

Use Reputation, Musicianship & Personal Brand to Get Gigs

Use Reputation, Musicianship & Personal Brand to Get Gigs The quality of your musicianship, or your craft as a musician, combined with your personal brand make up your reputation. Obviously a good reputation can help musicians get paying gigs, but building a good reputation breaks down to a few best [...]

2017-11-20T18:22:37-05:00December 29th, 2015|Creativity|

Marketing and Selling Your Way to Paid Musician Gigs

But I Just Wanna Play! Deep down, you may feel that the only thing that really matters to you is playing. All the things that come along with it just aren’t important. You wouldn’t be alone. I’d just assume practice my instrument, work on my vocal skills, and perform. Okay, [...]

2016-09-21T06:52:08-05:00November 5th, 2015|Creativity|
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