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Marketer by day, musician by night.

Patience and Persistence are a Musician’s Friend

My impatience as a musician As a gigging musician, I’ve often been challenged by my own sense of impatience. My impatience as a musician has stemmed from frustration with band mates, venue owners and/or myself. Impatience combined with emotion-based decision making can, and most often will, lead to problems. Before [...]

2016-09-21T06:48:22-05:00March 2nd, 2016|Creativity|0 Comments

Subbing for Other Musicians

Subbing for Other Musicians As I’ve already mentioned, I’m thankful for bands that need a sub now and then. On the flip side, I also stated that bringing subs into a bands performing line up too often can hinder good branding. On the upside, subbing as a musician is a [...]

2016-09-21T06:50:16-05:00January 7th, 2016|Creativity|0 Comments
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