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How to Create Demand for Your Musicianship

Creating Demand for Your Musicianship Be Seen and Heard Getting yourself to a place of being in relative to outright high demand is an exercise in exposure. By exposure I mean simply, getting yourself both seen and heard. Put another way, you must create demand for your musicianship. There are [...]

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Make Money as a Musician Playing in Multiple Bands

I’ve been working regularly with four different bands over the past three years, and doing so has helped me get paid gigs. Here’s how and why you can make money as a musician playing in multiple bands. Control of Your Schedule Playing for more than one band has helped me [...]

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Lightweight Bass Drum Pedal

As a gigging musician, sans drum tech, I do my best to use lightweight gear. Drum sets are big and bulky enough without the added inconvenience of bulky, heavy stands and accessories. That’s my humble opinion anyway. I’ve gone as far as to special order some [...]

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